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Tips for Keeping Your Backyard out of Public View

Keep Your Backyard out of Public View

Having a sense of privacy in your own home is incredibly important. This is especially true if you have a smaller outdoor living area and many neighbors. Carving out a private space for your backyard can be difficult in some places, but it’s certainly possible in nearly every outdoor space, even the smaller ones.

Not only does sprucing up your backyard to create a more private atmosphere help create a better space for you to live, but it also ups your curb appeal and overall home value. We assume that our neighbors don’t like to pry into our lives, but sometimes from the way houses are positioned, we’re forced to be witness to the mundanity or even the drama of living near people. 

To keep eyes off your property, reduce the noise pollution of your environment, and have a sense of privacy in your backyard, read along. In this article, we’ll go over the importance of feeling safe in your own space as well as some creative ideas to implement in your own space.


Privacy Fence Ideas

Of course, when you hear the words “privacy” and “backyard” together, you’re probably thinking about fences. This is the most obvious fixture that you can put up in your yard to keep eyes off of your property. And there’s a reason for this: fences are incredibly effective at creating an enclosed space that makes you feel at home in your yard. 

A fence certainly proves a useful and usually aesthetically pleasing function. Not only is it a way to create a sense of security, but it also can be a great way to add some decoration to your home. If you have children or animals, the fence can act as a barrier for those who don’t know any better than to wander into the road or away from the house. 

Fences also keep unwanted things from entering your yard. Whether you picture the unwanted things as potential robbers or flocks of deer or rowdy teenagers, a fence will keep the problem away. A fence can prove to be quite a deterrent for mischief of any kind because it’s one extra roadblock for someone intending to cause harm. 


Importance of Backyard Privacy and Safety

Nobody likes to feel like they’re being watched, whether it’s by the most innocent stranger or another person with more insidious motives. Without a sense of privacy, we tend not to feel very safe. And the purpose of your home is to be the one place in the world where you can relax without worrying about anything else.

Privacy allows us to act freely without fear of being embarrassed or humiliated. In a world where privacy is becoming more and more scarce, privacy in the home has become sacred. Privacy is so important that over time humans have created all types of ways to establish boundaries between each other in order to feel safe: doors, locks, gates, and windows, to name just a few.

We understand that not everyone has the budget, space, or desire to install a fence in their yard. If you fit one or all of these descriptions, there are plenty of other ways to establish the boundaries of your yard and keep other people’s eyes out of your personal space. 


Backyard Privacy Ideas

Another way to avoid installing a fence but maintain an appropriate boundary between you and your neighbors is to plant hedges. Less harsh than putting up a full-on wall, plants can help a lot with privacy issues. Getting creative with landscaping, especially when space is tight, pays off in the end.

You can also use a mix of different ideas together to create an enclosed space in your yard. You don’t have to fence in the entire property but instead, you can build a small wall or use a mix of hedges, masonry walls, layered privacy plantings, and fencing. There are so many options to choose from when decorating your yard.

You’ll also want to be strategic about where you place your furniture. For maximized seclusion, you’ll want to keep furniture close to the house, away from where a neighbor might be able to pass by and overhear conversations. If you have any tall trees or plants, you can also position your furniture close by and use them as a screen.

You can also utilize screens made from ironwork, panels, or lattice to shield your yard from your neighbor’s eyes. Another thing to consider is installing a fountain. If you find that your conversations can get loud and don’t necessarily want people hearing your every word, a fountain can drown it out with white noise. This also goes for noise that might bother you in the areas surrounding your yard. 


Cheap Ways to Block Neighbors’ View

You’ll need to work with the natural boundaries of your own backyard, which calls for a specific point of view. A professional is best equipped to give suggestions on what might look good in your backyard and what will be effective in creating the sense of privacy that you want. Whether you want a lush and colorful backyard or a simple fenced in enclosure, a licensed landscaper can help. 

Our backyards are supposed to be like extensions of our homes into an outdoor space. To really make it feel like it’s yours, you have to make it comfortable for you. When you can feel the eyes of the entire neighborhood on you, it’s not really a comfortable experience. The backyard is a place of refuge where you can spend time with loved ones, so make it feel like it’s a space that only you can truly access.

If you have any questions about creating privacy and safety in your yard or are interested in hiring professional landscapers to help you shape your yard into what it should be, feel free to contact us at Arbeen Landscaping. We serve the suburbs of Chicago with the best quality materials and an acute attention to detail. Read more about our services on our website. 

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