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How Outdoor Fire Pits Can Make Your Yard a Summer Hit

An outdoor fire pit is one great addition if you want to improve the livability of your backyard. Not only can it warm up cool nights, it can also improve the ambiance of your backyard. As much as your kitchen table might be the gathering space inside your home, a fire pit is often the gathering place outdoors. You can turn your yard into a summer hit with all of your friends and family thanks to the installation of an outdoor fire pit.

Why Install an Outdoor fire pit

There are a lot of reasons you might want to install a fire pit in your backyard. These are just some of our favorite reasons!

Stunning Focal Point

People are naturally drawn to fireplaces. Whether it’s because of the dancing flames or the warmth they bring, people love gathering around it. Sometimes all you might need for a great night with your friends and family is the fire pit! People will certainly want to come over if you tell them you’re lighting the fire. 

Use It Year Round

While people certainly use the fire pit more during certain times of the year, they can truly be used all year round. They bring the warmth you need in the fall and winter and offer the perfect place to roast marshmallows in the spring and summer. If you invest in a high-quality fire pit, you will be able to enjoy it with a cold drink on a warm night or with hot cocoa on a cool night.

Perfect For All Ages

Even a small outdoor fire pit is a hit with people of all ages. Children love playing games and telling campfire stories. Meanwhile, adults love to sit back and relax with some drinks and appetizers. Whether you’re entertaining adults, kids, or both, the outdoor fire pit is sure to make your yard a summer hit.

You Don’t Have to Burn Wood

A wood fire has a certain ambiance that you can’t beat. However, wood fires are not your only option for a backyard fire pit. If the neighboring houses are close by or you live in an area where wood burning is restricted, you might think you can’t have a fire pit. This is not the case, though. There are plenty of other options for you to choose from. The other popular choices are gas or propane fire pits.

Smokeless Fire Pit Options

That bonfire smell is enticing to some, but not all. If you dread the idea of smoke going in your face, a smokeless fire pit might be a better option for you. These feature a unique, highly efficient design that produces a cleaner burn with minimal smoke. Although these are called “smokeless,” they may still produce some smoke. Still, it will be significantly less than a typical bonfire. Plus, because smokeless fire pits achieve a more complete burn, less ash is left behind once you are done.

What to Consider When Choosing a fire pit

There are many different types of fire pits you can choose for your backyard. To make sure you choose the right one for your yard and your lifestyle, take these considerations into account.

Types of Fuel

As mentioned earlier, there are various types of fuels to choose from. If you love the sound of a crackling fire and the aroma that comes from a wood burning fire, then that might be best for you. These might not be the best option for all situations though. Propane or natural gas pits are generally safer on porches with overhead roofs. They also tend to be neater as they don’t require a pile of wood, create ashes, smoke, or debris. If you would rather not deal with the smoke at all, you could choose a smokeless fire pit.

Permanent or Portable

Do you want a backyard fire pit that is a permanent fixture in your yard or something that can move around to wherever the crowd is gathered? These are important considerations! Before you decide on a permanent fire pit, make sure you check local ordinances. There may be some guidelines for the placement of a fireplace or fire pit, like placing it at least 10 feet away from buildings and fences. They could also impact the way you operate your fire pit. Having a portable fire pit may be a better option for you if you want to have options for where you can use it.


There are a wide range of materials fire pits can come in, including stone, metal, and concrete. You’ll want to choose a material that matches your style, coordinates with your house and backyard, and also will hold up through the weather and frequent use. Make sure you weigh the pros and cons of each type of material. For example, concrete is durable but it can stain from soot. Meanwhile, powder-coated metal is also durable but it can get very hot. Cast-iron is a sturdy choice that will withstand heavy winds, however that means it will also be extremely heavy if you ever want to move it. 

Fire-Safe Flooring

Safety is everything when it comes to adding a fire feature in your backyard. Some floor-safe outdoor flooring materials you may want to consider are decomposed granite, crushed gravel, concrete, or flagstone pavers. Having these materials around your fire pit reduces the risk of a stray spark falling on the ground and igniting. 

Entertaining Has Never Been Easier

If you’re someone who loves entertaining people at your house, an outdoor fire pit can make all the difference. It can turn any average backyard into an entertaining oasis. Your fire pit can create a great focal point that everyone loves to gather around. Plus, it serves the practical purpose of providing much-needed warmth on cooler nights. If you need help choosing the right one for your yard, you can ask the experts at Arbeen Landscaping for help!

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