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Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial Landscape Design

Arbeen Landscaping offers full-service commercial landscape design services for businesses in the west suburbs of Chicago, including Oswego, Yorkville, Montgomery, Aurora, Naperville, Bolingbrook, and Plainfield.

We offer reliable and professional maintenance, design, and installation for all different kinds of commercial properties—from retail establishments, medical facilities, and multi-family units, to parks, schools, educational facilities, and small businesses. The look of your exterior property matters for the success of your business.

If you want to attract more customers to your business, you will want to make sure your lawn and the rest of your property is well-maintained. If you want to keep your business looking professional and orderly year-round, commercial landscaping design is the best option for you.

Commercial Landscape Design

What is Commercial Landscape Design?

Our commercial landscape design encompasses a full spectrum of services that take your commercial landscape project from the early design stages, to long-term commercial lawn maintenance planning.

Commercial landscaping design is much more than simply installing new plants, mowing grass, and trimming shrubs. Every commercial property is unique in its own way.

We work with your property to address its specific needs and to fulfill your dream for your land. Good commercial landscaping design is part form and part function.

When you invest in professional commercial landscaping design services with Arbeen Landscaping, you know your business—whether it’s an office building, apartment complex, or any kind of commercial space—will always look professional with the right plans, right design, and right atmosphere.

Commercial Properties That Might Need Commercial Landscape Design

Some commercial properties that might require commercial landscaping include:

  • Homeowner association, townhomes, or condo associations
  • Multi-unit rentals or apartments
  • Senior living communities
  • Educational facilities
  • Retail shopping centers
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial buildings
  • And more!
Commercial Landscape Design
Commercial Landscape Design

What Do Commercial Landscape Design Services Include?

Commercial landscaping encompasses all the services you need to properly care for the exterior grounds of your commercial property. Our commercial landscape design services can vary depending on your needs and your property, but typically may include:

  • Commercial landscape design
  • Commercial landscape construction
  • Commercial landscape maintenance
  • Snow removal services
  • Commercial irrigation installation and service
  • Commercial lighting
  • Seasonal flower planting

Benefits of Commercial Landscape Design Services

Professional landscape design services can do amazing things for your business, including:

Convey the Right Message

The look of the landscaping at your business conveys a message. Whether you want your business to appear soothing, sustainable, fun, professional, or exciting, the right landscape elements can help you convey that message.

For example, if you have a yoga studio in Naperville, perhaps you might want to add some Zen features for relaxation. Or, if you are an edgier business, you might add some minimalist geometric plant designs.

The opportunities are endless with commercial landscape design!

Help People Engage with Your Business

Your landscape design can either help passersby to engage with your business, or encourage them to keep moving. For example, if you add a small patio at your coffee shop, you can add benches, tables, chairs, fountains, and low walls to encourage your customers to stay and enjoy your space (maybe even long enough to purchase another coffee!).

Many businesses find success by adding fire pits and water features.

Direct the Flow of Traffic

Many businesses want to direct people to their entrances, which can be achieved through landscaping design by adding plants and trees to entrance points, creating paths and walkways lined with shrubs or trees, or implementing brick and stone wall features.

These add a bold visual statement, while also providing a practical purpose of directing the flow of traffic into your business.

Attract More Clients

Excellent commercial landscape design can actually draw more people to your business, either by offering inviting spaces to sit or making a bold statement to stand out in your neighborhood. However, the opposite can also be true.

If your business is not well-maintained, or there is no shade or places to sit, it might actually deter someone from entering your business.

Accentuate Your Architecture

Many businesses in the western suburbs of Chicago have beautiful architecture that can be enhanced with a landscape design plan. All too often, business owners focus on the architecture of their building without putting much thought into landscaping.

Enhance your architecture with commercial landscaping.

Commercial Landscape Design at Arbeen Landscaping

When you drive by a business with beautiful landscaping and admire it, chances are that that business engages professional commercial landscape design services.

Beautiful landscaping on commercial properties doesn’t just happen. It is the result of excellent commercial landscape design services like the ones we provide at Arbeen Landscaping.

Especially in Chicago, the four seasons tend to do a number on plants, causing them to either grow uncontrollably or wither and die.

Keep your property beautiful year-round with commercial landscape design.

Commercial Landscape Design

Commercial Landscape Installation

Arbeen Landscaping also offers commercial landscape installation services. A landscape installation is much like an addition to your home, except it’s on the exterior. Landscape installations are designed to accent your commercial property. Many landscape installations involve adding or creating new landscape plantings around your property.

Commercial Lawn Maintenance

Our services don’t just end with the planning and installation of your landscape design. We also maintain your lawn and landscaping with regular upkeep. Your lawn is a major investment. Don’t let it get untidy or fall into disrepair.

Keep your commercial property’s lawn beautiful all year round with Arbeen Landscaping’s commercial lawn maintenance services. Commercial lawns require vigilant care and regular maintenance to stay green and gorgeous through all four seasons in the Chicago area.

We take care of your lawn, so you can simply enjoy it. At Arbeen Landscaping, we create complete year-round maintenance programs that make it simple for you.


Commercial Landscape Design at Arbeen Landscaping

At Arbeen Landscaping, we strive to provide our clients with the best commercial landscaping design services available in the west suburbs.

We give you a commercial landscape that is functional, attractive, and economical. Impress your neighbors and attract more clients to your business with our services.

We can create a stunning commercial landscape for you, your customers, employees, and the public to enjoy.

For an estimate for commercial landscaping design services for your property, contact Arbeen Landscaping today at (630) 280-4239 or

Additional Landscaping Services Offered by Arbeen Landscaping

In addition to commercial landscaping services, Arbeen Landscaping offers several other services to help you beautify your residential or commercial property. Some of our other services include:


Regular mowing will keep your lawn neat and tidy year-round. Weekly mowing prevents pests from taking up residence in tall grasses.

Arbeen Landscaping offers full-service commercial landscaping design services for businesses in the west suburbs of Chicago. We offer reliable and professional maintenance, design, and installation for all different kinds of commercial properties—from retail establishments, medical facilities, and multi-family units, to parks, schools, educational facilities, and small businesses.

A fertilization program is essential to having a beautiful lawn. Fertilization programs take into account the type of grass and the time of year to give you the best lawn possible.

Spring and fall clean-ups are like a deep-clean for your landscaping. These clean-ups include everything from bed maintenance to pruning and trimming.

Bed care is a key component of landscape maintenance. Properly maintained and cultivated beds will produce healthier and more beautiful plants with fewer weeds. Additionally, edging will keep mulch in the plants beds, provide a barrier for grass, and contain pathways made of loose material.

Maintaining your irrigation system is imperative if you want to keep it functional for years to come. Maintenance includes irrigation start-up in the spring and shut-down and winterization.

Pruning trees involves the removal of dead and dying limbs. Pruning trees allows for new growth and protects your property from damage.

Weeds will not only damage the visual appeal of your landscape but, if left to their own devices, they can also invade the area and stop other plants from growing. Regular weeding keeps landscaping beautiful and healthy.

Do you want to create a commercial pond, or do you want more from your existing pond? If you want to add a distinctive, eye-catching water feature to your business, you’ve found the right place. Arbeen Landscaping installs commercial ponds for businesses of all sizes throughout the suburbs of Chicago.

Edging a sidewalk increases curb appeal. The crisp, clean lines of a well-edged sidewalk are essential to a well-manicured lawn.

Trimming and maintaining shrubs involves cutting off the tips of unruly branches to clean up the plant to improve its appearance and overall health. Shrub trimming and maintenance will increase your property’s visual appeal.

We take a consultative approach to ensure we design and create the outdoor space of your dreams. We stand behind our work and always install our hardscapes with the intent that the project will be installed for life. Arbeen Landscaping is invested in turning dreams and goals to a reality. Contact us today at (630) 280-4239 if you are interested in adding hardscapes to your property.

Services Include

  • 3D Renderings and Design
  • Patios
  • Brick Walkways
  • Front Entrances
  • Retaining Walls
  • Gazebos – Pergolas
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Driveways
  • Fire Pits & Fire Features
  • Outdoor Kitchens

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