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Beautifully landscaped commercial properties don’t just happen. It’s a good bet there is a professional Landscape Maintenance provider working behind the scenes to keep everything in order. Commercial Landscape Maintenance is the term for the package of services needed to properly care for exterior grounds on a commercial property.

The seasons in Chicagoland tend to guarantee plants growing uncontrollably and potentially withering and losing color. Every property is unique in its own way so we carefully listen and make sure we understand the property needs and requirements. Should any of your plants need to be removed we also remove and install new plants as well.

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Regular mowing will keep your lawn neat and tidy year-round. Weekly mowing prevents pests from taking up residence in tall grasses.

Arbeen Landscaping offers full-service commercial landscaping design services for businesses in the west suburbs of Chicago. We offer reliable and professional maintenance, design, and installation for all different kinds of commercial properties—from retail establishments, medical facilities, and multi-family units, to parks, schools, educational facilities, and small businesses.

A fertilization program is essential to having a beautiful lawn. Fertilization programs take into account the type of grass and the time of year to give you the best lawn possible.

Spring and fall clean-ups are like a deep-clean for your landscaping. These clean-ups include everything from bed maintenance to pruning and trimming.

Bed care is a key component of landscape maintenance. Properly maintained and cultivated beds will produce healthier and more beautiful plants with fewer weeds. Additionally, edging will keep mulch in the plants beds, provide a barrier for grass, and contain pathways made of loose material.

Maintaining your irrigation system is imperative if you want to keep it functional for years to come. Maintenance includes irrigation start-up in the spring and shut-down and winterization.

Pruning trees involves the removal of dead and dying limbs. Pruning trees allows for new growth and protects your property from damage.

Weeds will not only damage the visual appeal of your landscape but, if left to their own devices, they can also invade the area and stop other plants from growing. Regular weeding keeps landscaping beautiful and healthy.

Do you want to create a commercial pond, or do you want more from your existing pond? If you want to add a distinctive, eye-catching water feature to your business, you’ve found the right place. Arbeen Landscaping installs commercial ponds for businesses of all sizes throughout the suburbs of Chicago.

Edging a sidewalk increases curb appeal. The crisp, clean lines of a well-edged sidewalk are essential to a well-manicured lawn.

Trimming and maintaining shrubs involves cutting off the tips of unruly branches to clean up the plant to improve its appearance and overall health. Shrub trimming and maintenance will increase your property’s visual appeal.

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