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Backyard Landscaping Ideas for Any Size

Are you looking for simple backyard landscaping ideas? Not all landscaping projects need to be extravagant. Sometimes the smallest addition to a yard can make all the difference. No matter the size of your yard, you can benefit from landscaping. In this article, you will learn about backyard landscaping ideas for any size, simple backyard landscaping ideas, how to create a cohesive backyard design, and backyard patio ideas. 

Simple Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Not everyone wants or has room for large landscaping features like gazebos or huge fountains, but everyone can benefit from plants, entertainment areas, and many other simple backyard landscaping ideas. Below are some simple backyard landscaping ideas to consider.


The simplest way to bring your backyard to life is to add color through the use of plants. Flowers can be planted in gardens, pots, and suspended from posts. Bushes and shrubs can give you privacy in addition to beautiful greenery. Lay grass seed wherever you find dead patches and cut your grass regularly. If you want something more low maintenance, you could consider grass alternatives like moss and clover. 


There is more to gardens than vegetables and flowers. Although a vegetable garden or flower garden is a wonderful addition to any yard, they require consistent weeding and care. Mulching the garden can help prevent the growth of weeds, but if you want something truly low-maintenance, a rock garden could be just what you need. 

Rocks will not die if you forget to water them and they are less likely to become overcome with weeds. If you live somewhere where it gets cold, a rock garden will remain the same all year round while a plant garden will only last until the weather turns. You would still need to remove weeds every so often, but if you forget the only risk is temporary aesthetic damage. 

Fire Pits

Firepits are a simple backyard landscaping idea that everyone loves. Fire pits provide a place for entertainment and relaxation. There is nothing better than sitting out by the fire on a cool spring day or chatting around the fire with friends and family at a summer cookout. 


If you want to enjoy your yard at night, you need to implement this simple backyard landscaping idea. You need outdoor lighting. Landscape lighting is much more than just making your yard visible at night. Good landscape lighting will highlight the best aspects of your yard while shying away from the aspects that are not as desirable. It creates ambiance so you can better enjoy your home.


Connect significant landscaping features with paths. Paths do not need to take a lot of work. They can be as simple as stepping stones or as complicated as a mosaic. You can make paths out of stone, brick wood, and almost anything else you can think of. Consider using leftover materials from previous projects. Maybe you cut down a tree to make room for a seating area. Use the leftover wood to create a path through a garden or from the fire pit to your house. The choices are endless with pathways.


patios are one of the simple backyard landscaping ideas that, if you have room, you need. They provide an excellent entertainment area. A correctly installed brick patio is not likely to sprout weeds and will last a long time with minimal maintenance. 

Backyard Design

Although there are many simple backyard landscaping ideas, you only have so much space to implement them. If you are working with a small yard, you do not need to resign yourself to a mundane yard. You just need to carefully plan your space before you begin construction. Here are some backyard landscaping ideas for any size yard. 

Decide on Features

Create a list of the backyard features you can’t live without. You can add a few more to this list for now, but be prepared to cut them as you get farther into the backyard design process. 

Create a Rough Sketch

Decide how each area of your yard will function. Designate areas for relaxing, cooking, gardening, and/or anything else your heart desires. Each area needs adequate space to serve its function, but you might want to give special attention to a specific area. This area would become the focal point of your yard. Take some time to create a few rough sketches. They do not need to be good as long as you can understand what you have drawn. 


As you create the sketch you need to decide how you will layout and connect your areas. Pathways are a great way to connect areas. Popular path layouts are called the hub and the circuit. The hub layout connects out from the focal point of your yard into the other areas while the circuit layout connects all areas around the focal point. 

Measure Your Yard

Now that you have a rough idea of where you want to put features, you are going to need to measure your yard. Though you might think you have enough room from your rough sketch, you can not be sure until you measure your yard. With that information, you can create a more accurate backyard design plan.

Backyard Patio Ideas

A backyard patio is one of the most desired backyard landscaping ideas for any size yard. Patios off homeowner a great place for entertainment as well as a place to add other party-centered features. Below are backyard patio ideas to take your backyard party to the next level.


The success of a patio depends on how you decorate it. The seating arrangement is what makes a patio functional. A large table surrounded by comfortable chairs is welcoming. It says, “Let’s sit down and have a meal.” A swing bench on the outside edge of the patio could provide some relaxing fun. 

The Grill

Place a grill on your porch. This will allow you to cook and, with the addition of a table and chairs, eat outdoors.

Fire Pit

Put the fire pit on the patio. If you are low on room, you will need to choose between the table and the firepit. Roast hotdogs and make smores while you warm your feet. 

Hire a Landscaper

Although these simple backyard landscaping ideas can get you started on your dream backyard, a professional can make it a reality. The landscapers at Arbeen landscaping can work with you on your backyard landscaping ideas no matter the size of your yard.

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