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The Importance of Seasonal Flower Planting

Importance of Seasonal Flower Planting

One of the most exciting and beautiful parts of the seasons is the flowers that bloom. Spring brings crocuses and daffodils, Summer brings sunflowers and daisies, and Fall brings chrysanthemums and pansies. There are even a few that bloom in winter. Each of these flowers is unique and beautiful, and it seems like such a shame each season when they begin to wilt. However, if you care for your garden properly and plant seasonal flowers, you will get the chance to see all of them every year. Even if it is for a short time, seasonal flowers bring such a special feel to a home, commercial building, or even schoolyard. While buildings stay the same, these flowers can bring a new feel and exciting change to look forward to. Understanding seasonal flower planting will help you create a gorgeous site of flowers, year-round. 


Seasonal Flowers

Nearly every kind of plant has some form of flower because that is how a plant reproduces. When a flower blooms, it releases pollen. Flowers have many different colors and patterns to attract bugs and other animals to spread their pollen. Each plant blooms at a different time due to the weather, temperature, and amount of sunlight. In places like greenhouses, people can artificially cause flowers to bloom at any time of the year. In the wild, flowers bloom when they receive the amount of sun, water, and heat that they need. For each kind of plant, this differs. Planting flowers at the right time is critical so that they can bloom at the right time. Some plants like dandelions can bloom at various times during the year because they are hardier and bloom in lower temperatures. Some flowers can bloom more than once as well. There are so many flowers to choose from, and planting flowers is a very important part of landscaping. 


How to Choose Flowers

Depending on the kind of yard or area that you are considering for planting flowers, there are some flowers that would be best. There are a few aspects to choosing the right flower including the space available, when you would like the flowers to bloom, and design. 


Space for Planting Flowers

 When it comes to planting flowers in season, if you have a small patch of ground, large sunflowers may not be the best option. However, there are smaller kinds of daisies that look quite a bit like sunflowers that bloom around the same time. One of the benefits of flowers is that there is such a large variety that you can find a variety that will fit your vision, but you also have a lot to choose from. Examine your space carefully. What kind of soil does it have? Does it need more mulch or better drainage? Look at what you have available and determine what kinds of flowers can live there and be healthy. Once you have determined this, it makes it a lot easier to select the seasonal flowers you would like to see. 


Flowers in Season

Now that you know what the planting area is like and you’ve found the types of plants that can grow there, take a look at when the flowers are in bloom. You can find out what seasonal flowers bloom at a certain time through research. Most seed packets actually describe how to care for the plants and when to plant them for when they will ideally bloom. If you purchase flowers at a flower shop, ask the florist for information on when they will bloom and how to care for them. Something important to consider is that some flowers are annuals while others are perennials. Annual flowers bloom only once, then need to be replanted. Perennial flowers grow back each year without replanting. Once you have learned these things about the flowers you want, you can decide where to put them in your yard. 


Flower Planting Design

Flowers are always pretty, but placing them in the right area is also essential. If you plant daffodils in front of crocuses, you won’t be able to see them. Daffodils are very tall flowers. Also, you will want to try to put complimentary colored flowers together. For example, blue flowers and red flowers together just won’t look as good as yellow and purple flowers together. When you design a flowerbed, you also want to take into consideration when the flowers are in season. If the flowers you plant all bloom in spring, you might have a bare flowerbed for summer and fall. Try to plant seasonal flowers together so that you can have a beautiful flower bed for all of the blooming seasons! Then you can enjoy your hard work and have gorgeous flowers no matter the season. 


Landscape Design and Flowers

If you love flowers but aren’t sure if you can create the garden of your dreams, give us a call. We can help you decide which flowers will look best in your yard or around your business. Having experience with planting flowers and designing attractive flower beds, we can help create what you want. We can also make recommendations and help you choose flowers that are in your price range, and will bloom with flowers in season. You won’t have to do all the work, and you will get to enjoy the year-round flowers without having to remember all of the pieces to create them. 


Landscaping and You

Flowers are an integral part of the landscaping, whether the property is residential or commercial. If you need flowers, maintenance, or just a whole new design, we can help you. Creating a unique and complementary outdoor space that stays that way regardless of the time of year is an art. We can also help you keep that same area safe in the winter. Regardless of the weather, landscaping is a great way to bring value to your home. Contact us today for a free estimate, so you can start to enjoy some beautiful outdoor space at a great price!  

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