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Luxury Outdoor Living Ideas to Transform Your Yard

It’s time to stop looking out your window at your backyard and thinking about all the fun you could be having out there. It’s time to make this space your new favorite “room” in your house. With these backyard oasis ideas, you can transform your yard into a luxury outdoor living space.

Backyard Oasis Ideas

With any backyard, the sky is the limit! There are tons of options for turning your yard into the oasis you always dreamed of. These are just a few of our favorite ideas!

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are one of the most attractive and useful high-end design features you can add to your backyard. Imagine having your favorite meal with your favorite people, all while enjoying the beautiful outdoors from start to finish. 

An outdoor kitchen includes much more than just a grill. If you really want to create a backyard oasis, you’ll need to get add adequate counter space for all your delicious meals. Other than that, you can add an outdoor fridge, or even a pizza oven to really make it your own! You might even want to add a TV, so you can catch all your favorite sports games in your new space as well. If you are worried about the weather affecting the use of your outdoor kitchen, you can add a shade structure to your backyard decor. For example, a pergola can keep the space cooler on sunny days or block a little bit of the rain.

If the expense and upkeep of a hardscape outdoor kitchen scare you, don’t worry! You also have the option of adding a freestanding cooking station or something else that is portable. 

Paver Patio

A concrete slab just doesn’t come across as inviting as a paver patio does. With a stylish patio, you’ll end up using every excuse to get out there. From a morning cup of coffee to an evening nightcap, it can be useful at any time of the day.

You might be surprised to learn that paver patios are actually more low-maintenance than a concrete slab. A major reason for this is that you can remove and replace individual pieces as needed. Make your patio a high-end design by using materials outside of concrete pavers. High-end design options come in a wide variety of colors and designs with great detail. For example, there are pavers that look like a mosaic of stone or even a charming cobblestone courtyard. 

Fire Pit and Fireplace

Chilly summer nights and those cool fall and winter days almost require fire pits, right? The great thing is that there are options for everyone. If you love the idea of throwing real logs onto a fire, a wood-burning fire pit is for you. If you’d rather click a button and instantly feel the heat, a natural gas fire pit could be a better option. 

This high-end design idea is great because it can be luxurious while still being perfect for all ages! If kids are around, they’ll be sure to love the fire feature and being able to roast marshmallows. For a more sophisticated get-together for adults, even they can’t resist the draw of the flames. Plus, who doesn’t like roasting marshmallows year-round?

Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting should never be considered an afterthought. It can change everything, making even a small, dark corner of your yard into an inviting entertaining area. Strategically-placed lighting also brings safety and security to your yard, making steps easier to see. It can also highlight new plants that you may spend a lot of money on.

At Arbeen Landscaping, we believe that lighting is an essential part of landscape design. At the same time, we find that it is typically overlooked in many businesses and homes. With our expert knowledge of the best techniques for landscape lighting, your backyard oasis will be complete.

Water Features

You’ll be amazed at what a difference the sound of water can make in your backyard. Typical work stress and noisy neighbors will all fade away with the relaxing sound of your water feature. One of the great parts about water features is how many different types of features there can be! You could include it in the form of a fountain, a pond, a waterfall, a bubbling column, and so much more. 

If you love nature and all of its animals, a water feature can also attract many of these creatures. Animals like birds and frogs spend a lot of their day looking for water – and your backyard could be their new go-to place to find it! In addition, you can enjoy your water feature at all times of the day thanks to an effective lighting design!


We all love the sun, but sometimes it is just too strong and too hot. On one of those days with completely clear skies, a pergola’s open roof lets in the perfect amount of filtered light. It keeps you comfortable while still enjoying the outdoors and your beautiful backyard oasis. As with many of our backyard oasis ideas, this one is also ready to be enjoyed at night. Stringing some twinkling white lights in the lattice can add instant ambiance even at night. There are different types of materials that pergolas can be made of, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Turn Your Backyard Oasis Ideas Into Reality

For some households, spending time outside is even more appealing than spending time outside. That happens when they turn their backyard oasis ideas into reality. If you have a well-thought-out idea of what your dream backyard looks and functions like, we can help you make it happen! Or, if you have no idea what you want but just know you need an improvement, we can help with that too! The team at Arbeen Landscaping looks forward to taking your backyard decor to the next level.

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