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There is nothing quite like adding fresh mulch to brighten your home’s yard. Transform your home or commercial property into an expertly manicured landscape with our professional landscaping services. Arbeen Landscaping offers mulching services for suburbs of Chicago including Oswego, Yorkville, Montgomery, Aurora, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, and Naperville.

Explore Our Comprehensive Mulching Services

Arbeen Landscaping offers a wide range of residential and commercial mulch services for our customers in the Chicago area. Our solutions can be tailored depending on your needs and budget.

Mulching is an important part of landscaping for every homeowner and business owner. Mulch improves the appearance and health of your yard and plants. But why go through all the hassle and aggravation of estimating how much you need, purchasing it, and installing it yourself?

Let our experts do all the hard work for you. In addition to mulch, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial landscaping services to take care of your yard all year round. We take great pride in providing excellent landscaping services to our neighbors in the Chicago suburbs!

Mulch Services

Residential Mulch Services

Your landscaping can get instantly upgraded with high-quality bark and mulch. Some places you might consider mulch installation include:

  • Home garden
  • Backyard playgrounds
  • Porch or deck landscaping
  • Pool landscaping
  • Vacation and rental properties

Colored mulch or bark is a great choice to elevate your favorite relaxation spots in your yard. You can spend less time cleaning your backyard and more time enjoying everything it has to offer.

Mulch Services

Commercial Mulch Services

Commercial landscaping mulch can add a level of professionalism to your business. Organizations and industries that can benefit from commercial mulch include:

  • Corporate buildings
  • Schools
  • Public parks
  • Farms
  • Subdivisions

Any plants, flowers, or trees that you plant around your business will thrive with the addition of mulch. Protect your investment while improving the appearance of your property.

What is Landscaping Mulch?

Landscaping mulch is a covering we place around plants or to cover the ground. Mulch’s main purpose is to prevent the growth of unsightly weeds in your yard. Though mulch can be made out of anything, it is typically organic.

Mulch can be used on garden beds and flower beds to line the edges of your yard, or to change up the appearance of your yard.

Landscaping with mulch is best handled by the experts to ensure that the right amount is placed in your yard, without letting your mulch touch your home or volcano around your plants.

As important as mulching is for a yard, it is important to install mulch properly or it can actually detriment your property. That’s where Arbeen Landscaping’s professional mulching services come in.

Mulch Services

Types of Landscaping Mulch

There are several different types of landscaping mulch, including both organic and inorganic mulches.
We will lay the type of mulch you choose for your yard over the top layer of soil around the plants in your bed or garden.

Top-down closeup photo of brown mulch for landscaping

Shredded Wood

Top-down closeup photo of white granite mulch stones


Top-down closeup photo of black rubber granules for mulch


Closeup photo of green grass clippings

Grass Clippings

Mulch Services

Wood Shavings

Top-down closeup photo of pine bark chips nuggets

Bark Chips

Closeup photo of cocoa bean hulls for mulch

Cocoa Hulls

Closeup photo of hay straw mulch


Closeup photo of pine straw mulch

Pine Straw

Arbeen Landscaping’s Mulching Services

Let us help you choose the perfect mulch option for your yard

Arbeen Landscaping offers mulching as part of our residential landscaping and commercial landscaping services. Our experts can help you choose which type of mulch works best for your home or business. Then, we deliver and install your mulch for you.

Our mulch professionals do all the heavy labor of evenly distributing the mulch carefully and efficiently to all the areas of your property’s landscape that need it. We make sure your plants, shrubs, and landscape are all well-nourished.

Benefits of Lawn Mulch Services

Save time, effort, and money with professional mulch services

A mulching job not only improves the overall appearance of your property, but also provides a foundation for a happy, healthy, and flourishing yard and plants. There are several benefits to including mulch in your landscaping services.

Mulch Reduces Weeds

One of the best ways to reduce unsightly weeds in your yard is by putting down mulch. A blanket with the correct layer of mulch will smother weeds and also keep additional weed seeds from sprouting.

Mulch Encourages Earthworms

Organic mulch encourages earthworms to move in, which is actually a great thing. That’s because earthworms dig tunnels that help air and water infiltrate the soil.

Mulch Protects Against Temperature Changes

We all know the wide range of temperatures the Chicago area can experience over the year. Mulch helps regulate the temperature of your soil to help your plants stay cooler when temperatures climb, and stay warmer in the winter to protect the roots underground from Chicago’s frigid temperatures.

Mulch Retains Moisture

Mulch helps all your landscaping, including your trees, shrubs, and garden beds, retain moisture. This means you will need to water your plants and landscaping less and maybe even save money on your utility bills.

Mulch Improves Plant Health

Organic mulch decomposes over time, which is why you need to install new mulch at least once a year. As the mulch breaks down into the soil, it provides nitrogen and other important nutrients to your plants.

Mulch Helps Prevents Erosion

Rainfall and water can wash away your soil, but mulch helps prevent erosion. A heavier mulch can also prevent erosion in strong winds, which can be extremely beneficial in the Chicago suburbs.

Protects Soil in Areas with Foot Traffic

Mulch also works to protect soil in areas that get a lot of foot traffic in your yard or commercial property. This is especially important in beds that run along sidewalks in front of your business or in your yard.

Mulch Services
Mulch Services

How Our Process Works

Mulch Services

Step One: Request a Consultation

Step Two: We Deliver Your Mulch

Step Three: Enjoy Your Yard

Mulch installation is about more than improving your yard’s aesthetics. Mulch and bark are intended to protect the rest of your landscaping, prevent erosion, and help your plants thrive. Give your yard an extra boost by getting mulch installed.

Call or email us to get started with our residential and commercial mulch services in the Chicago suburbs.

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Dan Cuga
Dan Cuga
Read More
We had a tremendous experience working with Arbeen Landscaping to demolish my old paver patio and the rebuild of a brand new outdoor patio area. The team worked with my wife and I to design and redesign our replacement patio area to get to exactly what we were looking for. Their estimate on timing was spot on and the effort put in by the crew was evident. We could not be happier with how it turned out. I have attached a couple of sample pics to illustrate the work.
Jerry Schropp
Jerry Schropp
Read More
We are extremely happy with our backyard landscaping project completed by Arbeen and the great ideas provided by Tyler. Want to especially point out the crew that came out. Best workers i think i've ever dealt with. They did a great job of providing different options, performed quality work, and were very attentive to detail. They took alot of extra care to insure they did not cut our electric dog fence, etc. We had several trees with overgrown roots that were killing our grass. Arbeen installed extra mulch beds with attractive stone, river rock, stepping stones, and decorative lighting throughout. Would not hesitate to use Arbeen for another outdoor project !
Chris Leder
Chris Leder
Read More
We could not be more pleased with Arbeen. Tyler and Sal were incredible to work with, and they were on time and helpful every step of the way. We were looking for them to accomplish a BIG job - paver patio, a unique tranquil artificial stream, a fire table, a privacy fence, and an entire addition to the side of our house including a new door to the garage. They came through with flying colors! They showed us amazing 3D renders of the proposed work and made tweaks as requested. The workers were pleasant and very professional, leveling and being as accurate as possible every step of the way. The final product is better than we could have expected. Thank you, Arbeen, for an incredible backyard we will enjoy for decades. We will definitely work with you again to do our side and front yard projects next year!
David Robinson
David Robinson
Read More
I cannot thank Sal and his team enough for doing a better job than they did. We got a new patio that has transformed by backyard. We haven't used the backyard this much since buying our house 15 years ago. Sal was so helpful in designing and picking out the pattern for the patio. He was also very responsive in addressing any questions we had along the way. His team was also very professional and nice, and the cleanup they did was beyond even what they had to (like fixing my fence to a better state than when they came - thanks guys). I can honestly say this was the best contractor I have ever worked with in my life.
Frank GS
Frank GS
Read More
The Arbeen crew designed and installed a beautiful, paved entry walkway to our house which was based on our general concept of what we were looking for. They took our ideas and proposed the design and pavers that matches perfectly with the color of house. The crew began construction as scheduled and were done in two days; very efficient, they wasted no time in completing the project. Once done, the crew cleaned up the work site and left behind a beautiful walkway. We’re very pleased with our new entryway.
Pattie Torres
Pattie Torres
Read More
I want to thank Tyler and his Team for the great job they did at Extra Space Storage in West Chicago. Our site looks amazing! They did a massive cleanup and removal of dead trees. They are professional and work very efficiently.
Tim Gerharz
Tim Gerharz
Read More
My business locations have contracted with Tyler for landscaping as well as snow removal and they have done a great job. All of the staff are extremely professional. I would highly recommend Arbeen.
Joseph M. Incandela
Joseph M. Incandela
Read More
We had a wonderful experience with Arbeen Landscaping. Tyler, Sal, and their team exceeded our expectations. Everyone was very professional, and the workers were real craftsmen who took their time to do things correctly rather than just quickly. Throughout the installation, they were very responsive to our questions. We also felt we got a great value for our dollar, having gotten several quotes from other landscapers and no one came close to giving us what we got from Arbeen.
Karl Wilharm
Karl Wilharm
Read More
Arbeen Landscaping was excellent to work with. Tyler was a man of his word, consistently doing what he indicated he was going to do and when he was going to do it...arriving on time (or even early) for our arranged appointments for our project. We contracted with Arbeen for some sod removal, creating a bed for our future rose garden, mulching the entire property, edging all of our beds and relocating several bushes. Tyler and the crew did a tremendous job and were able to complete the project in less than a day. The price was very affordable for the amount of work that was done. This company is highly recommended. We will certainly be using Arbeen Landscaping for any future landscaping projects.
Carole Kirner
Carole Kirner
Read More
We were very pleased the team work on our project as well as the cleanliness. They tore up a concrete patio and removed it with pavers. It is beautiful.
Luciano Gonzales (Coolhandluke517)
Luciano Gonzales (Coolhandluke517)
Read More
They did an amazing job. They were professional and my yard was night and day different after they finished. We will gladly have them back for maintenance or to assist with any other major landscaping projects we have. I cannot recommend them enough.
Katy Scott
Katy Scott
Read More
Arbeen Landscaping is a great company to work with. I work with them on a regular basis and they are always responsive, they are flexible to my needs, and their work is high quality. This is true of both snow season and landscaping season. They are very knowledgeable about both industries and they take pride in their work. I highly recommend working with Arbeen Landscaping - they are a 5 star company.

FAQ About Landscaping Mulch

We are here to answer all of your questions regarding professional mulching services

It is important to install mulch at least once per year in order to keep it fresh. Many homeowners prefer to install mulch every six months.

Though many homeowners prefer to have their mulch installed in the spring, when the soil has warmed up a bit in the Chicago area, mulch can be applied at any time of year.

Unless you want to spend your weekend pushing around a wheelbarrow full of mulch, you can benefit from professional mulching services for your home or business.

Our expert mulching services help maintain your landscape, ensure consistent and healthy growth, and give your property a well-maintained and manicured look.

Mulch Services

How Much Do Mulch Installation Services Cost?

Many home and business owners decide to lay mulch themselves, thinking it’ll save them money. In the end, DIY mulching takes up a lot of time and is a hassle.

There are a few factors that determine the price of our residential or commercial mulch services, such as:

  • The kind of mulch you want
  • The layout and size of your property
  • The amount of mulch your project requires
  • Removal of existing mulch on your property

Our team will come to the property to give you an accurate quote after a consultation.
We pride ourselves on providing our customers with affordable prices and friendly service.

Mulch Services

Other Services Offered by Arbeen Landscaping

From Landscape Design & Construction to Beautiful Outdoor Living Spaces

In addition to our mulching services, we provide additional landscaping services for the Chicagoland area, including:

Schedule Mulch Services with Arbeen Landscaping

The experts at Arbeen Landscaping know that keeping your west suburban home or business beautiful is important, but so is your time. Our proper landscaping services allow you to free up your weekends while we tend to your yard.

We are the high-end landscaping mulch professionals! We service suburbs including Naperville, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, Aurora, Montgomery, Yorkville, and Oswego.

To schedule the best mulching services in Chicago’s suburbs, contact Arbeen Landscaping today at 630-280-4239 or

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Our professional mulch services will ensure your yard looks uniform and clean throughout the year.
Enhance your landscaping by investing in high-quality mulching from the leading professionals in Chicago.

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