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Top Landscaping and Lawn Care Services You’ll Need This Spring

When the snowy and blustery Chicagoland winter fades away, you’ll want your commercial lawn to look ready for the spring and summer months. You can utilize landscaping and lawn care services during the spring to make your business’s property look inviting to clients and customers. From landscaping that’s ideal for Chicago to specific spring grass treatments, these tips will help you elevate the look of your commercial green to make it professional. 

Chicago Landscaping

We have to consider the specifics when it comes to attuned Chicago landscaping. Of course, Chicago has severe colder months, so lawns will definitely need extra care in the spring to recover from such low temperatures, wind, and snow. Here are two landscaping and lawn care services that your business can benefit from in Chicago.

Picking the Right Plants

Chicagoland’s climate is harsh. During the spring, temperatures can fluctuate considerably. Because of this, your business needs to pick the right plants to survive the climate. Indigenous flowers, greenery, and other plants can most likely survive all parts of the Chicago climate because they’re native to the area. Planting hardy perennials is also a great way to ensure your business has blooms that return every year without the hassle of endlessly planting new bulbs.

Maximize Your Space

Especially if your commercial green is in the heart of Chicago, Chicago landscaping is often limited to the space that can be used for landscaping. For Chicago landscaping, we recommend installing tiered lawn arrangements, such as plants that reach different heights, or layering arrangements. This way, if your business green or storefront has little space for landscaping, you can use its vertical space as a great way to improve the outside of your business. Chicago landscaping can be tricky, but there’s also vertical space to work with. 

Spring Lawn Care

The spring is a busy time for landscaping and lawn care services because businesses are ramping up their outdoor landscaping projects for the warm weather. Nevertheless, we’ll describe steps you can take to ensure your commercial lawn is looking fresh and inviting to your clients and customers.

Rake the Green

Raking your commercial green has several benefits, and should be part of your business’s spring lawn care. Raking before the first mow allows you to break up any matted grass and remove any remaining dead leaves and dead grass from the colder months. Raking when the grass is dry is ideal, otherwise, you run the risk of tearing up healthy grass. 

Keep Your Tools Clean

While this doesn’t directly pertain to spring lawn care, dirty tools can have detrimental effects on your lawn and other greenery! When your tools are not in use during the winter, they can get rusty, and pre-existing dirt can carry bacteria or fungal spores that can infect new grass. You want to start your spring lawn care on the right foot, and that includes cleaning your tools! Soaking your tools in a 10% bleach and 90% water solution for a half hour can do the trick. This way, you minimize the chance of damaging your lawn before it’s able to grow. 

Prepare Walkways

Your commercial green might have some kind of walkway to lead clients and customers into your business. If so, you’ll want to tidy the walkway and immediate surrounding area so it doesn’t look overgrown or dull from the winter months. Consider adding new mulch to brighten the area up, or replace the walkway stones or bricks for a fresher look and feel. 

Know Your Flowers

Among available landscaping and lawn care services for spring lawn care, you can choose the flowers to compliment the rest of your commercial green. Knowing which flowers bloom when and where to plant them is critical to preparing your lawn for springtime. Flowers on a well-maintained professional lawn look so aesthetically pleasing to clients and customers, and early spring is the best time to invest in flowers for your location.

Spring Grass Treatment

So far, we’ve focused on specifics of Chicago landscaping and springtime lawn care. Finally, let’s narrow down to spring grass treatment and how your commercial lawn will benefit from it.

Let the Grass Breathe

Grass needs to breathe, and to help it do so is called aeration. Time and use can cause grass and soil to become compacted. This prevents water, oxygen, and fertilizer from reaching the roots, which causes the grass to wither. The process of aeration encompasses making little holes throughout the lawn to let water, oxygen, and fertilizer reach the roots, making your grass strong.


Using light fertilizers as a spring grass treatment is perfect for delivering new nutrients to your lawn. This helps your commercial green grow and look its best for your clients and customers. 

Weed Treatments

Lastly, you can look into using a chemical treatment to rid your commercial green of weeds. There are specific treatments for specific types of weeds and grass, so your lawn doesn’t experience chemical burns while certain weeds are targeted. Also, be sure to check city ordinances that might prohibit the use of chemical weed treatments. Alternatively, pulling weeds by the root hinders further growth. You can choose either method that works for your situation!

Monitor Soil pH

Finally, making sure your soil’s pH is within range for optimal grass growth ensures grass can grow effectively. Landscaping and lawn care services can take care of this process, but optimal soil pH is usually between 6.0 and 7.0. If your soil is higher or lower in acidity, there are certain soil additives you can use to get the soil back to its optimal range. 

Spring lawn care is time-consuming, but the outcome of a beautiful commercial green is unmatched when it comes to impressing clients and customers. You want an inviting lawn for your business associates, and it demonstrates your business’s care and attention to detail right away. Commercial landscaping is often the first thing a potential client or customer notices, even before they step foot in your business. If you follow these springtime lawn care tips, your professional lawn will surely make your business stand out from the rest.

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