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Tips for Natural Green Lawn Care

When you run a business, you want your brick-and-mortar to look its finest for clients, and that includes knowing how to take care of grass and keep your property green. A well-kept commercial landscape is often the first thing clients and potential clients see as they approach your business, so why not make a great impression with commercial landscaping? A tidy commercial lawn is professional and creates a welcoming atmosphere for clients and customers. In this article, we’ll give you some signs of a healthy lawn, lawn care tips, and describe how to take of grass, so your business can look beautiful and well-maintained. Plus, we’ll detail how to take care of your lawn by using natural green lawn care.

Signs of a Healthy Lawn

The first step in caring for your commercial green is understanding the signs of a healthy lawn. Here are signs of a healthy lawn so you can see what your lawn needs through natural green lawn care.

No Weeds

One of the first noticeable signs of an unmaintained lawn is pervasive weeds. From crabgrass to dandelions, weeds can be difficult to get rid of and make a lawn look disheveled. A well-maintained and healthy lawn has no weeds visible. While you can use herbicides to get rid of them, when it comes to natural green lawn care, instead opt to hand-pull them, roots and all, to ensure they don’t grow back.

Even Grass Height

The next sign of a well-kept lawn is even grass height. You should have your commercial green mowed often so it looks its freshest on a regular basis, depending on the season. A grown-out lawn looks neglected and disorderly. Regularly mowing your lawn keeps it looking professional. A taller lawn even helps keep weeds from growing!

Vibrant Color

Of course, a nice and vibrant green color is ideal for lawns. This color signifies a well-cared-for lawn. However, this may be tricky, as a number of factors can affect the color of grass. Blunt mower blades can shred grass, making it turn brown. Too much fertilizer can cause the grass to turn yellow. Too little fertilizer can make it dull. Dirty gardening tools can also harm your lawn.

Plush Texture

Lastly, a plush lawn means that it’s regularly watered. If the grass becomes easily indented, the grass needs more water. A plush lawn is inviting and looks bright, bringing warmth to your property. Correctly watering your lawn is a great way to utilize natural green lawn care.

While these are signs of a healthy lawn as well as some lawn care tips, we’ll describe even more tips for your commercial green to look customer-ready. 

Lawn Care Tips

So much goes into making a commercial lawn look presentable and professional, such as time, resources, and expertise. Here are lawn care tips to ensure you get your commercial lawn looking healthy and well cared for.

Lawn Care During Winter

While your lawn can really shine over the spring and summer, most of the work isn’t put in during this time. Commercial greens are maintained during these seasons, but most of the prep work takes place during the fall and winter for the following spring and summer. Winter lawn care keeps your lawn alive and gets it ready for the warmer months. This is the perfect time to install necessary drainage and sprinkler systems, so all of the messy work doesn’t take place during the spring and summer. You can also aerate the lawn and add fertilizer so it grows even stronger. 

Seasonal Flower Planting

Adding flowers around your commercial green gives it an extra flair. If you choose to add flowers, it’s a must to understand when seasonal flowers need to be planted in order for them to bloom on time. Different flowers need a different amount of space per bulb or seed type, as well as different aeration and care. You can also strategize to plant different seasonal flowers, so you can expect blooms at any time of year. 

Add Variety

For natural green lawn care, using different soil types can help your lawn drain effectively. If water builds up in and on top of your lawn, the water can cause root rot and allow other fungi to grow, which can devastate your lawn. Soil that has a high clay content can hinder effective drainage. To allow your lawn to drain, consider sandy or loamy soil to fix simple drainage problems.

These lawn care tips will work great for common lawn problems. Next, let’s dive into how to take care of grass specifically.

How to Take Care of Grass

Of course, grass is the major component of most commercial lawns. While flowers, stone arrangements, and mulch help decorate professional greens, the grass is the key player in making the lawn look cohesive and presentable. Below are ways to take care of grass. 

Fertilize in the Fall and Spring

Fertilizer introduces more nutrients to the soil so the grass can grow strong and lush. However, over time, nutrients deplete as the grass grows. To ensure you don’t fertilize the lawn often, consider fertilizing in the fall and spring. This way, nutrients are readded to the soil for the winter and summer months, keeping your lawn looking healthy.

Have Longer Grass in the Summer

While it might be tempting to keep grass shorter in the summer, this actually causes grass to spend energy due to the heat, further causing the grass to weaken. Grass grows the most in the spring, and it’s ideal to do most of the mowing during this season and keep the grass marginally taller during the summer. 

Let the Grass Rest

During the hottest and driest weeks of the year, it’s natural for grass to go dormant to conserve energy. The grass will brown because it costs a lot of energy to keep it green during the heat. Trying to keep the grass a green color can also backfire because you’re not letting the grass naturally rest. After the peak of the heat passes, the grass will spring back. 

In this article, we described natural green lawn care methods, lawn care tips, signs of a great lawn, and how to take care of the grass. Commercial lawn care is a full-time job, which is why it’s often left to the professionals! Achieving a great lawn is tricky, but with these tips, your commercial green can look presentable and professional in no time.

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