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Taking Care of Walking Paths in Commercial Landscaping

All businesses want to attract customers. Many invest in commercial landscaping in order to improve the appearance of their business. Time and time again, commercial landscaping has proven beneficial for businesses. It’s even been shown to raise property values.

There are many ways commercial landscaping can enhance the look of your business. Walking paths make your business look professional and inviting. Walkways direct people towards your business and away from plants they might damage. Over time, heavy foot traffic can seriously impact the look of your lawn. Walking paths provide a clear, attractive path for customers to take when entering your business. Your lawn will look much better when it’s not trampled by heavy traffic. 

Walkway Ideas

Commercial and residential properties both benefit from installing walkways. For businesses, walkways typically connect entrances to parking lots, roads, or other buildings. Since the main purpose of a walkway is foot traffic, it should be designed with this in mind. Walkways should easily and directly connect important points to one another. 

When you aren’t sure where to put a walkway, it’s often the easiest path from Point A to Point B. Sometimes, customers will naturally take this path, even if there isn’t a walkway available. This leads to natural footpaths forming on your lawn. While this is visually very unappealing, it can inform you of the best place to put a walkway. Without a walkway, these paths can kill grass or other plants from the constant foot traffic. 

Walkway Designs

The design of your walkway has a huge impact on maintaining it. Walkway designs can vary significantly depending on the owner’s choices. Typically, a walkway should complement your business and its overall aesthetic. It should match nicely with the other landscaping work that it’s accompanying. 

There are many creative walkway designs to choose from. Stepping stones are very common on walking paths. They can be almost any color, although gray, brown, and red are popular among businesses. The stones can also vary in shape. For a more natural look, some businesses may prefer irregularly shaped stones. Others may want round or square stones. Stones may be accompanied by smaller pebbles or gravel that form the overall pathway.

If your business only wants gravel, they can choose to forgo the larger stones entirely. Walkways can be made entirely out of small pebbles that outline the path. Gravel can vary in color, but again, the most common colors are gray and red. Similarly, mulch is another option when considering walkway materials. Mulch can be made from organic or inorganic materials. Organic mulch includes items like wood chips, hay, or straw. Inorganic mulch may be made of rocks or plastics. 

Walkways could also be made from wood, bricks, concrete, or pavers. These options usually form one large, connected walkway. This is different from the stepping stones or gravel that form walkways using small, unsecured rocks. Connected pathways are very secure. You don’t have to worry about stones becoming displaced or gravel washing away. They also create a very professional appearance that often works well with businesses. 

Landscaping Service

There are many ways commercial landscaping can improve the appearance of your business. Landscaping can be used to improve the appearance of your business. A well-maintained business looks professional and inviting to customers. When you own a business, you want to do whatever you can to increase the number of customers you have. Landscaping can actually improve your business by attracting new customers. Let’s face it, no one wants to visit a business with a dying lawn, cracked walkways, and rotting tree limbs. 

Landscaping allows your business to make a good first impression on the customer’s senses. Any business can benefit from landscaping. Restaurants, apartments, shopping centers, and more all rely on landscaping to keep their businesses looking great. Landscaping design includes a wide variety of services. If you choose to pursue commercial landscaping, you may want to invest in construction, irrigation, lighting, and planting. 

Landscape design gives your business the opportunity to communicate its message. Whether it’s whimsical, professional, inviting, or homey, landscaping can be used to express your business’s overall aesthetic. Landscaping even gives customers an opportunity to interact with your business. Installing seating gives people a chance to sit and make use of your space. Water installations and plants give them something to take in visually. Lighting can be used to affect the atmosphere of your business. Overall, landscaping has a huge effect on the way customers perceive your business. 

Landscaping can even be used to direct traffic through walkways and other features. Plants are often placed alongside entrances and walkways for multiple reasons. They help direct people while also adding a beautiful visual element. Since walkways come in so many varieties, how you choose to implement them is up to you. Walkways can be as unique as your business. 

Maintaining Walkways

Once you’ve installed walkways, it’s important to properly maintain them. The type of maintenance required will depend on the type of path you’ve installed. For individual stepping stones, maintenance should be easy. Keep your stones clear of any debris like leaves or dirt. Over time, these can cause stains. Even when they don’t leave lasting damage, stones covered in dirt aren’t exactly nice to look at. Be sure to use the correct products when cleaning your walkway. Some chemicals might not work for certain types of rock or concrete. In winter, avoid putting de-icing salts directly on the stones. These salts can cause damage over time. 

For larger pathways like concrete sidewalks, care is a little different. It’s important to watch out for cracks, as they can cause big problems. Repair cracks when they’re small to prevent them from becoming bigger over time. Like stepping stones, any pathway should be cleaned when needed. It may also help to seal your walkway against the elements every few years. 

When you need help maintaining your walkways, don’t be afraid to contact professionals like Arbeen Landscaping. Arbeen serves many businesses when it comes to commercial landscaping. When your business needs landscaping, visit Arbeen. 

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