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Modern Gardening Accessories

Spring and summer are quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to stock up on some modern gardening accessories! The modern garden is not your grandparents’ garden anymore. There are plenty of modern gardening accessories on the market to help you keep your suburban Chicago lawn and garden looking its best. Whether you are looking for a gift for a family member or friend who loves to garden, or you’re hoping to take up gardening yourself this year, we have all the best recommendations to help you get ready for gardening season. And if you lack a green thumb, or need a little professional help getting your garden gorgeous, Arbeen Landscaping’s team of landscaping experts is ready to help! Our gardening skills are just one of the many reasons to hire a great local landscaper

List of the Best Modern Gardening Accessories 

Every gardener needs some modern gardening tools to keep their garden and yard pruned and perfect. Here are some options for the best, most stylish gardening tools to keep your garden looking lush. After all, you might want some trendy and sleek gardening products, but you will also need them to be practical in order to grow healthy, beautiful, and delicious plants and flowers. This list has everything you need to become a pro gardener in no time. Let’s fill up your gardener’s toolbox with some of the top garden products: 

Pretty Gardening Gloves 

The first accessory every gardener needs is a set of gardening gloves. If you’re new to gardening, you might not think you need gloves to start, but your hands will most certainly disagree. Some of the most important garden products are the ones that protect you, the gardener! Not only do gloves keep your hands clean, but they also protect your hands and arms from cuts, scrapes, and punctures, which are all too common while gardening. (Think about those thorny roses!) But don’t worry: you can get functional gardening gloves that are still stylish. Consider these pretty gardening gloves from TheCelticFarm on Etsy

Waterproof Gardening Boots

Now your hands are protected, but what about your feet? Every gardener should invest in a good pair of waterproof boots for treading through the garden after a rainfall or a good watering. Try a pair of Hunter boots or Muck boots for a stylish, modern look!

Gardening Scissors, Pruners, or Shears 

Every gardener needs a sharp pair of scissors or pruners (or two! It can be helpful to have garden shears in a couple of different sizes.) These Walnut Garden Scissors are made with heat-treated stainless steel and inlaid with walnut wood, so they are both beautiful and effective. 

Garden Knife 

Get a garden knife that can dig, cut, saw, and measure. The Hori Hori knife is a Japanese-inspired, eco-friendly gardening multi-tool that can help you with all of your garden tasks. 

Garden Kneeler

Protect your knees while you prune with a padded garden kneeler. This floral option from Target is the prettiest foam-patterned kneeler you’ll ever see, and it will keep your needs cushioned (and your pants protected from unsightly grass stains.) 

Garden Folding Seat 

If kneeling in the garden isn’t your thing, opt for a garden folding seat instead. There are plenty of options for stools that you can stow away once you’re done gardening for the day. 

Gardening Apron

You will probably still want to wear your oldest clothes while gardening, but a good garden apron can protect your clothes and your skin from scratches. This knee-length apron also has several pockets to store your favorite gardening accessories for you while you’re hard at work. 

Gardening Tool Belt 

Get hands-free storage for all of your favorite gardening tools with a tool belt! No more traipsing back and forth to your storage shed for that tool you forgot when everything you need is strapped handily around your waist. 

Aesthetically-Pleasing Watering Can

Throw away that old plastic watering can that blows around your garden every time it rains and opt for a chic, stainless steel version from West Elm instead. It’s so pretty it could be decor, but the rust-resistant material will ensure that it still holds up with regular use. 

Fashionable Sun Hat 

Look like a pro while protecting yourself from the sun with a sun hat. You can choose a fashionable option that will take you from your garden to poolside all summer with this Sloggers Women’s Braided Wide Brim Hat

Friendly Neighborhood Landscapers 

Your local landscapers at Arbeen Landscaping are the best tool in a gardener’s pocket! We can help you with landscape planning for spring to create a bountiful garden in your suburban Chicago yard. It’s the best of both worlds: we help you design and create your garden, and then you get to enjoy and maintain it. Plus, we can help you add landscape lighting and other features to help you show off all your hard work in your garden. 

Gardeners Tool Box 

Now that you have all the modern garden products you need to keep your garden in beautiful shape this upcoming season, it’s time to choose a toolbox to store all of your tools in! There are both utilitarian and good-looking options available. 

The Best Gardening Tool Set

Get all the modern gardening accessories you need in one gardening toolset! There are plenty of options available with all the tools you could possibly need, like this PicnicTime Gardener Chair and Tools set from Bed Bath & Beyond. 

Get a Gorgeous Garden with Arbeen Landscaping 

Now that you have all the gardening contraptions you need, If you really want to get your garden and the rest of your lawn ready for spring and summer, call Arbeen Landscaping! We can design a professional, beautiful garden for your west suburban Chicago home. A great landscaper works with you to build the garden of your dreams. Our team can assist you with planting and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space filled with plants and flowers suitable for Chicago’s climate. Every gardener knows that Chicago’s weather can wreak havoc on even the best gardens. We also offer a variety of other residential landscaping services to keep your yard in tip-top shape, all year round. 

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