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How to Find the Best Landscape Drainage Contractor

If you’ve been searching for “landscape drainage contractors near me”, you know that it can be difficult to find the perfect company for landscaping. If you are having issues with yard drainage, yard cleanup, and landscaping solutions, you need a reliable, thorough company that will work with you and not break the bank. When you are seeking yard drainage experts, there is a process to find the best landscape contractor for you! 

Why is Yard Drainage Important?

When learning how to find the best landscape drainage contractor, you need to find someone who understands it. Here in Chicago, it may seem like the rainfall would be harmless to a yard, but if it isn’t properly graded, you could run into some serious issues. Your outdoor living areas are important and deserve to be protected and cared for. This means that your yard should be leveled and have some form of a drainage system. There are several things that you can run into if your yard does not have proper drainage: 

Home Issues

One of the most common issues resulting from improper drainage is flooding. Without proper drainage, when it rains (or the snow melts) you will find the water has to go somewhere. If it can’t get out of the yard, it goes into your home. If you have a basement, you can experience severe flooding and water damage. This can also harm the foundation of your home and its structural integrity. This is a huge hazard for you and your family. Other issues include problems with your window wells and pipes under the home from yard drainage. 


Standing water in your yard is never a good thing, but it attracts insects of all kinds. Cockroaches are attracted to standing water in window wells, basements, and other areas near the home. Mosquitoes are attracted to standing water in gardens, grassy areas, and more. They will lay eggs there and can carry diseases. Carpenter ants are also attracted to standing water, and they will destroy the wood in your home, patio, deck, or other outdoor areas. These ants can even cause the collapse of a home, similar to termites. 

Outdoor Areas

Without proper yard drainage, your outdoor patio, pergola, walkways, driveways, and other areas can become damaged. Beautiful residential landscaping and design can be expensive and should be protected. If water gets into cracks in any concrete hardscaping, during colder temperatures it will freeze and cause deeper cracks and eventually decay. This can cause safety hazards for people and greater costs for repair. Driveway cracks and problems can damage your car and will wear on your tires or even cause chipping and other concerns. 


When you have a beautiful lawn, you want it to stay that way. If your yard isn’t draining, you can ruin your grass and landscaping. Stagnant water pools can kill your grass and other vegetation. It can also cause molding or fungi to grow within your landscaping. At some points, it can cause the grass or vegetation to not have a good hold on the soil, causing it to slip off or rip up. If your yard is washing away, this can cost quite a bit to repair. 

Causes of Yard Drainage Issues

Landscaping solutions can help you to repair these causes of yard drainage issues. If you want to know how to find the best landscape drainage contractor, look for one that can tell you what is wrong and how they will fix it. There are several common causes of yard drainage problems: 


Some people do not realize the importance of downspouts. Sometimes, your downspout may be too short, which means that the water isn’t being carried away from the home far enough to drain off. It can cause long-term damage to flowerbeds and landscaped areas. Making sure the downspouts are located in a way that avoids pooling water is a great way to avoid yard drainage issues. 


The slope of your yard makes a big difference in water drainage. If your yard is too flat or if it is irregularly shaped instead of on a slope, this causes bad drainage. You can find out yourself if your yard is level or not in a few simple steps. The most common way to fix a yard with an irregular slope is through grading. Grading a lawn can be a big job, but once you know how to find the best landscape drainage contractor, it will be easy. The best contractor will find landscaping solutions to make it the most cost-effective while still making your yard beautiful. 

Compacted Soil

Many people do not realize the importance of aerating your lawn. If your soil becomes compacted, you can have many issues with drainage. This can occur from everyday foot traffic on your lawn, from construction, or things sitting in the yard for long periods of time. If you don’t aerate your lawn, the soil won’t be able to absorb the rainfall or melting snow as well. This also causes poor drainage. 

The Best Landscape Drainage Contractor

The best contractor with the landscape solutions you need will help you diagnose your drainage problem, then present you with ideas for fixing it. There are several ways to fix drainage issues that come at different price points as well. You may be able to choose between several options to make your yard safer, cleaner, and drain properly. Googling “landscaping contractors near me” and choosing the first option isn’t always the best choice. Look for a contractor who gives you a time limit and helps you know when your work will be completed. The right contractor will be communicative about timing and when they will arrive as well. Find someone who cares about what you want and need, and who will give you landscaping solutions that make sense for you. Contact us for a consultation, and you will see what a difference a quality contractor makes! 


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