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How to Get Your Lawn Ready for Spring

When looking for how to best get your lawn ready for spring, there are a few top steps for spring lawn preparation. This includes some steps to take throughout the season and additions for your grass to bring life back into it after the winter, making it more easily maintained through the rest of the year. In this article, we’ll discuss some top steps to ensure a healthy-looking, beautiful lawn with proper evaluation of the state and needs of your grass, and by the performance of some regular maintenance tasks.

Lawn Care Steps for Spring

There are some valuable lawn care steps for spring you can take advantage of before, during, and after the spring season arrives. The top lawn care steps include assessing your soil’s needs, beginning weed prevention early, prepping your lawnmower for increased use, seeding your lawn early, fertilizing your grass, regularly watering your lawn, preventing lawn disease, removing winter debris from your lawn, aerating your lawn, and mowing and then recycling grass.

Assess Your Soil’s Needs 

After a long winter, it’s important to evaluate your soil for its current condition and what it needs moving forward into spring. Lawn care begins with soil care, which includes testing your soil’s pH levels for how acidic it currently is to provide proper treatment. Grass typically grows best in neutral pH and anything outside of this range typically creates growth and regrowth difficulties.

Begin Early Weed Prevention

Pre-emergent weed control can be especially beneficial in spring. Apply pre-emergent before a weed problem has time to germinate for early prevention. Pre-emergent also helps prevent and control grassy weeds, including crabgrass and others. Bed weed prevention is also part of early weed prevention. Arbeen Landscape can add and maintain different features to prevent weeds.

Prep Your Lawn Mower Early

You don’t use a lawnmower for several months as spring draws near as well as increased mower usage. To readjust your lawnmower for increased regular use throughout the next few months, some top maintenance considerations include evaluation for any needed spark plug or air filter replacement, changing the oil, and balancing and sharpening the mower blades.

Begin Lawn Seeding Early

There may also be bare patches throughout your lawn. Evaluate your lawn for any patchy areas in the grass and begin your seeding early as needed. Apply ample grass seed to these areas to help the growth of new patches and to cover any dead areas. Arbeen Landscape professionals can help you maintain the best levels of seeding, watering, care, and the best seeding times.

Fertilize for Strong Roots

Fertilizing your lawn in spring can better help it grow thick, lush, replenish its root system, and build up its root system to be more robust in the coming months. It’s important to figure out the right type of fertilizer for your specific area, and the right times to apply it depending on this location and its growing conditions, to prep your lawn for beautiful results.

Regularly Water Your Lawn

Proper watering avoids overwatering or underwatering and helps your lawn maintain proper moisture. New grass seed needs only about 1 inch of water a week. Water the rest of your lawn only when it shows signs of drought stress. Water less often with regular rain or a lack of regular hot weather. Arbeen Landscaping can also help you avoid excess water and drain it properly.

Remove Any Seasonal Debris

Various kinds of seasonal debris naturally occur and can build up throughout your lawn area. Leaves, snow, and weeds can oversaturate, weigh down, and otherwise introduce unhealthy and unwanted elements into your grass and its root system. To prepare your lawn for increased growth and health through the seasons, carefully clear out debris with a rake or other tool.

Observe Lawn Disease Signs

Any dead patches your lawn suffered as a result of the harsh winter months may be a sign of lawn disease. Spring is the perfect opportunity to increase focus on proper lawn disease prevention to rejuvenate your grass and keep it looking healthy and beautiful. Look to the professionals at Arbeen Landscape for the right lawn maintenance care program for you.

Aerate From Seasonal Weight

After a season of heavy snow, other debris, heavy traffic throughout, your lawn is likely suffering from seasonal weight. Soil can become compact underneath the grass, preventing proper flow and access to air and water. Poke small holes throughout your lawn with a spike aerator or other instrument to open up your turf and allow better flow to the soil and roots.

Mow and Recycle Grass

As your grass begins growing this spring, it’s important to maintain a consistent and regular lawn mowing schedule that matches the speed of growth. Those lawn clippings you collect can also help with the lush growth of your lawn. Save these clippings and spread them over your lawn to keep and recycle their water and other nutrients and put these back into the grass.

Get Your Lawn Ready with Arbeen Landscaping

Lawn care steps for spring which will encourage more lush growth and protection through the year begin with the right tips and assistance from Arbeen Landscaping. When looking for what to put on grass in spring, consider applying regular fertilizer, some pre-emergent as needed, grass seed for any present bald or dead patches throughout, treatments to maintain neutral pH levels, and continually reintroducing moisture and other nutrients into your grass by recycling your clippings throughout your lawn.

For better weed and grass loss prevention and increased growth encouragement, prep your lawnmower for the best mow results and a regular mow schedule uninterrupted, remove any present seasonal debris to remove harmful ingredients, aerate your grass with small holes to relieve compaction, observe and adjust your watering schedule to your grass needs and the levels of regular hot weather, and observe lawn disease signs such as patchiness and prevent disease with the right lawn maintenance program for your particular lawn needs and location. 

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