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Why You Should Add Landscape Planning to Your Spring Agenda 

When it comes to creating your dream landscape, there needs to be a lot of planning! Timing is everything, and winter is the best time to plan for your lawn care in spring. In fact, planning your spring landscaping project during the colder months has a lot of advantages. When spring arrives, you’ll be ready to relax and enjoy your outdoor space! In this article, Arbeen Landscaping will explain the reasons why planning your landscape design for the spring now is perfect: 

1. It gives you time to plan 

Winter planning provides a relaxed pace to work through the design process for your lawn care in spring. You can take all the time you want and need to browse unlimited photos and ideas online to come up with exactly what you want out of your landscape. Having time in the winter also gives time for the designers to work through your ideas with you and put together a sufficient plan. Waiting means you could end up in a rush and not get the landscape that you dreamed of. 

2. Better planning 

As the leaves fall and plants go dormant, you will most likely be able to have a better landscape and determine maintenance needs. With flowers and leaves out of the way, your yard is essentially a blank slate, and there are so many ways to design it. Designers can get a good look at existing plants and hardscape elements to see what can remain, be reused, or be relocated. Landscapers can also see the shape of the tree branches and evaluate the overall health of a tree to see if it should stay or go.

3. Problems Can be Easily Spotted 

Your barren landscape can also allow landscape contractors to see if there are any existing issues around your home that need to be fixed. Perhaps you have water pooling at your foundation that needs to be corrected by grading away from it. Or you may have erosion that needs help from a retaining wall. The bearer the lawn and the flower beds, the more problems that need to be addressed. 

4. You have a bigger selection of choices

Planning your lawn care ahead means a better selection for you to choose from. You can order what you want from the nurseries during the off-season and it will be ready for you when you need it! Waiting until spring means you may not be able to get your plants, shrubs, and trees ordered in time. Or, you can risk not being able to order at all and you will be stuck with whatever the nursery or garden center has on hand. 

5. Save more money! 

Getting in contact with one of our landscape contractors at Arbeen Landscaping in winter could save you a lot of money! During the off-season, your landscape contractor can plan more quickly and cost-effectively. It’s usually best to start looking for landscaping techniques, experts, and products as early as February, then get everything out of the way by the middle of March. To plan it just right, aim for the end of March and then the beginning of April as the ideal time to prepare your new lawn, start planting seeds for your flower garden and get everything ready for your new vegetable garden. Booking your landscaping contractor before they get busy will mean you can shop around and get estimates from a bunch of different companies. Once spring hits, landscapers can quickly become very overbooked and begin increasing their bid prices. 

6. Spring Color 

If you want color come spring, you need to act now. Spring-blooming bulbs need cool winter weather to go dormant and gain energy to bloom in the spring. That means spring-blooming bulbs, like tulips, must be planted in the fall. Planning your spring landscaping techniques now will help you determine exactly where to plant the bulbs now in order to have beautiful blooms as you complete your landscaping once the winter weather breaks. 

7. Earlier Job Completion 

Planning in early winter means you will be ahead of the spring landscaping construction rush. With your project planned and contractor in pace, work on your landscape can begin as soon as the snow thaws. This is especially important if you’re adding any significant elements like larger patios or retaining walls. If necessary, permits and plan approvals also take time. If you get your requests and designs approved early, work can start on your project sooner. It is very important to remember that contractors book projects six to eight weeks in advance by the time that spring hits! This is also a benefit to starting in the wintertime. You’ll get a head start on all the other projects that they have scheduled and will have completed the landscape ready to enjoy the warmer weather. 

Questions to Ask for Spring Landscaping Preparation: 

Below are a few questions that can help give you a head start in your landscaping design: 

  1. When is the right time to start planting?
  2. What do I do with existing shrubs and bushes? 
  3. What landscape design makes the most sense for my outdoor space?
  4. How do I want to interact with my outdoor space? 
  5. How does my drainage affect my landscape design? 
  6. How much should I budget? 
  7. How do I transform an unusable space into an entertainment area? 
  8. Does my garden need any special treatment such as fertilizer or amendments
  9. What plants will create the right atmosphere?
  10. What type of landscape lighting should I use? 
  11. Do I need a master plan? 
  12. Do I need to hire a professional landscaper? 


Getting a proper timeline ready for your spring landscaping project is so important! Start your project now to make sure that your planning and design work is already done by the time the ground thaws and spring arrives. You’ll be at the top of your contractor’s list and work will begin right away because you planned ahead. Are you ready to explore your spring landscaping techniques for your yard? Arbeen Landscaping’s experienced designers will spend time with you to learn what you hope to accomplish, and help you plan the outdoor living space of your dreams. Your lawn care in spring is sure to be beautiful!  Contact us today for a consultation at 630-280-4239 to get started on your project! 

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