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Lawn Edging Ideas to Make Your Yard Look Sharp

Different types of landscaping can help take your lawn and garden spaces to the next level of quality, beauty, and growth. A well-defined edge can be the difference between your lawn and garden spaces appearing haphazard, and looking professionally maintained. Did you know that landscaping methods and maintenance such as edging can also dramatically increase your property values? Landscaping that increases your property values can be a highly worthwhile investment that provides you with big returns! In this article, we’ll discuss some of the top landscaping and lawn edging ideas to make your lawn look sharp, including yard, garden, and flower bed edging.

Top Landscaping and Maintenance Ideas

Lawn landscaping and maintenance can make your lawn and garden spaces beautiful, comfortable, and inviting while also providing a significant return on your investments. There are also many types of landscaping and maintenance you can consider to add beauty, comfort, and value to your property or properties. Some of the most popular ideas include applying herbicide to your green spaces to stop invasive species, adding mulch to protect plants, planting hardy ground in shadier areas, building paver paths for less mowing, and edging your lawn and garden spaces.

Applying Some Herbicide

Applying a product such as herbicide to your lawn and garden spaces can dramatically reduce and kill crabgrass and other invasive species that may be common to your area. You can also prevent invasive species before they have a chance to grow and develop. People can also make the mistake of planting invasive species, but herbicide can help.

Adding Protective Mulch

Mulch is another great addition to your lawn and garden spaces. It provides a buffer zone to keep weeds and lawn mowers away from your trees and other plants, which can be especially beneficial for new and growing plants. Mulch can provide a beautiful aesthetic, help moisture retention, increase soil health, and provide protection from weather and pests.

Planting Hardy Ground

Grass needs sunlight to grow and thrive, making shadier areas more difficult for grass growth. In these shadier areas, you can end up with scraggly grass, weeds, or bare ground. Instead, consider planting some hardy ground cover. Hardy ground cover is a type of hardscape, which is any non-living element. Hardscape can be a great addition to areas where growth is difficult.

Building Paver Paths

When considering adding hardscape elements to your lawn and garden spaces, another idea with several benefits is building paths throughout or bordering your spaces. You can also set path heights so that you can mow over them. Paver designs go great in a patio setting, and there are many patterns and designs you can develop with Arbeen Landscaping.

Edging Your Spaces

In addition to paver paths throughout your lawn and garden spaces, you can also enjoy the beautiful aesthetic of a border. Edging your outdoor spaces creates space division to make your areas seem bigger. Lawn edging with bricks or other hardscape elements can also decrease maintenance, with less to mow and edge regularly.

Lawn Edging Ideas

There are different lawn edging ideas to consider when you decide to edge your outdoor spaces. When choosing the design and material of your lawn edging, be sure to also take into consideration your area. The area you live in can have some unique weather and climate considerations, making some landscaping less achievable and higher maintenance. If you live in an area of humidity and heavy rainfall, natural wood pieces outdoors may rot or warp. If you live in an area that experiences a lot of sun, plastic edging may quickly fade.

Whatever lawn or garden edging ideas you decide are best for your yard and home, Arbeen Landscaping is ready to help you design and plan your edging. Some of the most popular pieces to incorporate into your lawn or flower bed edging are bricks, stones, cement pavers, wood, plastic, and white or other rocks. There are also many different variations of these popular materials. You can also mix and match materials for a more diverse aesthetic and explore with different designs, shapes, and colors along the way. You will also want to decide on a style. Some of the top styles are rustic, natural, simple, modern, metal, and elegant.

Rustic Edging

A rustic look can include an edge bench, darker wood, or old wood. You can also use metal elements or incorporate metal into your wood elements. Rusted metal can also make for a unique, colorful look.

Natural Edging

A more natural look often uses stones or other rocks. A natural stone edge can add a soothing flow and texture to your yard or flower bed edging. Darker stone can give the appearance of a river without the maintenance of one.

Simple Edging

For a more subdued, simple appearance that doesn’t distract from other outdoor pieces, you may like simple lawn edging. Simple metal or brick edging without much patterning or shapes can provide effective edging.

Modern Edging

Larger rocks or stones can provide a more modern look. Consider using large river stones, dramatic rocks, or a few polished stones to highlight your flower beds. You can also use contrasting mulch for a bold look.

Metal Edging

Any different metal pieces that fit your style or you think might make for a creative look can often be incorporated into metal edging. You can have a tall edge in your favorite colored metal, and paint it as you desire.

Elegant Edging

For a classy and elegant look to your yard or garden edging, consider a square brick edge in a red or subdued neutral color. You can also play around with different shapes, such as a flowing shape to your edging.

Lawn Edging for a Sharp Look

Lawn edging can provide your outdoor spaces with extra beauty and finish, in addition to other impactful benefits to you and your home. For professional lawn edging to make your yard look sharp this season, connect with Arbeen Landscaping today.


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