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Why You Should Hire Yard Clean Up Services for Spring

Winters in Chicago can be brutal, and it seems like every year, cleaning up your yard is the worst part of spring. Once the snow melts, it reveals everything that fell into the yard during the winter. This includes leaves, tree branches, dirt clods, and more. It’s a hassle that nobody enjoys, and especially if you work, it can be hard to make the time for it. There are many reasons why you should hire yard clean-up services for spring, but the very first reason is that it is so convenient. You can get it out of the way early on and start to enjoy your beautiful yard for spring and summer! 

Yard Cleaning Services

While many people would love to have their yard cleaned, people are often hesitant to hire someone to clean it. Sometimes they are worried that the yard clean-up cost will be too expensive. Others worry that their yard will be messed up or that they won’t like how it looks. Some people feel like their yard is too dirty to ask someone to come out and clean it. Our yard cleaning services are affordable and we work hard

Yard Grading

Sometimes yards get dirty after the winter because they aren’t properly graded to drain. Properly grading your yard can reduce your yearly clean-up and help you to avoid other issues. Some of these include stagnant water, washed away soil and mud, and dead vegetation. Leaving things like this in your yard creates hazards and other issues for you. This could be flooding your home or basement, attracting swarms of bugs and mosquitos, and even destroying your sprinkler system and other important pipes. Cleaning your yard is a great way to know what may be going on under the surface as well as over it. 

Yard Clean Up Cost 

Part of why you should hire yard clean-up services for spring is the cost. When you are looking online for “yard cleanup near me”, you are not looking for someone closest to your home. You want a good deal. Obviously, yard cleanup varies based on your home and yard. If you have a very large, dirty yard, it may cost more to get yard cleaning services. A way to help with that cost is by getting it cleaned, then trying to keep it that way! Learning how to keep up with your yard is a great thing to help you. However, even if you do keep up on your yard, sometimes after a winter full of snow and ice, your yard needs a little help. Our company can provide a consultation and let you know what price you’d be looking at and what services we can provide to help your spring lawn look pristine. 

Why Clean Your Yard?

A big part of why you should hire yard clean-up services for spring is that there are issues that can come from not cleaning your yard. This means that cleaning up your yard in the spring may reduce the overall costs of maintaining your yard, and that yard clean-up cost could save you money long term. Several things can happen if you don’t clean your yard each spring. 


While a few leaves won’t hurt anything, having a lot of leaves in your yard is not good for it. If you have a few leaves here and there, it can actually be good for your lawn and plants. The decomposing leaves can give nutrients to the soil. However, if there are too many, especially on grass, it can keep sunlight from getting to the plants underneath. This means that too many leaves in your yard can actually kill your grass! It can also attract worms, vermin, and other creatures that will live in your yard and destroy vegetation. It also can bring mushrooms, which if you have a dog or a child, they might eat and get sick. Too many leaves are just not healthy for your yard, especially after a winter of sitting under dirty snow. 

Trimming Plants

If you trim back your bushes, shrubs, and trees in the spring, you can avoid a lot of problems. During wind storms or the winter months, branches can break off of unpruned trees and fall into your yard or damage personal property. Not to mention, pruned trees are more attractive. If you prune your trees every spring, or even just remove problematic branches, you will protect your property from that kind of damage. It may seem like a difficult chore, but it is essential, especially in a place with heavy snowfall. You might end up with a hole in your roof in the middle of winter!


Another issue in any yard is debris. This includes dog or cat feces, dead branches, garbage, and any other thing in your yard that you don’t want there. Yard cleaning services can take care of this for you, but often you can do this yourself. This beautifies your yard but also prevents issues with any debris that could occur in your yard. 

Remove Old Mulch/ Plant

Mulch in your flowerbeds and other areas should be replaced every year. This will help keep your flowers and plants fresh and bright. You can also remove dead plants or ones that may be diseased, and replace them with beautiful new ones. 

Yard Cleaning and You

If you’ve been searching up “yard clean up near me” but haven’t gotten around to it, we are here to help! Yard cleaning services can be a life-changing experience. This is why you should hire yard clean-up services for spring. Help make your yard and home look beautiful, and avoid the difficulties that come with it. You will also see the benefits of keeping your yard safe, especially when you have children or pets. Yard cleaning services are beneficial for any home, so contact us today for a consultation! You’ll soon be experiencing a beautiful spring in your clean, safe yard. 

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