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Why Are Paver Patios So Popular?

Brick paver patios are incredibly popular with many homeowners and business owners. Since humans began creating homes or shelters for themselves, we’ve continually created new ways to make the place where we spend most of our time the best it can be. This means that, over time, we’ve added more and more luxuries to our homes, like indoor plumbing and electricity. 

Now, homeowners are even looking to make the surrounding area of their homes more comfortable. From in-ground swimming pools to hiring landscaping services to building outdoor decks and patios. So, you might be wondering: what makes paver patios so popular with homeowners nowadays? Well, with paver patios, it’s easier now more than ever to customize your yard to fit your exact preferences. Read along to learn more about how you can create the patio of your dreams with pavers. 

The History of Paver Patios

Because wood has been such a popular material in house building and beautification, it’s not a surprise that people began using wood for outdoor spaces as well. But then the patio emerged. Essentially, this was different because it involved laying down a slab of concrete for dining and other activities. As craftsmanship has gotten better over the years, the more a homeowner can customize their patio. Nowadays, instead of concrete slabs, companies use paver designs for creating more intricate patios. This means that you can have almost any style you can dream up.

What are Patio Pavers?

Patio pavers are a great way to spice up your yard’s landscaping. Generally speaking, patio pavers refer to stones made from concrete. However, sometimes pavers can be made from natural stone or clay brick. Usually, you can use these small pavers of many different sizes, textures, and colors to create more unique-looking patios or walkways. 

The Pros of Patio Pavers

Pavers are very popular, partially because of their strength and durability. They are tough to crack or break, and often are even stronger than the concrete foundation of your home. This is part of the reason why paver patios are so easy to keep up.

This leads to the second reason that paver patios are so popular: they’re low maintenance. Repairs for pavers are much easier than for concrete slabs because you can remove and replace different pieces as needed. Additionally, cleaning the patio will be no hassle whatsoever. Stains can be washed away with soap and water, then any debris can easily be swept away as needed. 

The third reason people generally favor patio pavers is because of their affordability. Unlike other patio materials, pavers are investments. Upfront, they might seem like a more expensive option, however, their low maintenance and high levels of durability make them the cheapest option to keep up over time. 

People also like the personalization that comes with pavers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including rectangles, squares, triangles, etc. You can even customize the colors to make a pattern that catches the eye. There’s no limit to your choices with patio pavers. 

Paver Patio Installation 

While your vision for your patio is the most important part of the process, there are still some variables you need to consider during the planning stage. For example, how much yard do you expect your patio to take up? What will you utilize the space for? How much wear do you anticipate the patio getting?

We at Arbeen Landscaping can help you answer these questions and ask you even more in order to create the most out of your yard. As a company, we take a consultative approach to working with our clients. We find that this is the best way to help make the yard of your dreams a reality. Our intent is for our hardscape installations to last for life. 

If you’re interested in what our company has to offer, look into our landscape and hardscape services. We install anything from fire pits to driveways to outdoor kitchens. If you’re looking to upgrade your yard, we might be the right match for you. 

Patio Paver Ideas

You’ll want to look at some examples of paver designs before deciding what you want to do with your own patio. It’s easy to find inspiration online! You’ll find anything from brick pavers to concrete pavers to stone slabs. They can be large abstract shapes or small squares or a mix of both. Use your imagination and take what you’ve seen to help you come up with your own special design.

We highly recommend that homeowners invest in their properties through quality landscaping. Adding external sources of beauty and functionality to your home will absolutely increase your property value. Plus, it can also make your life even more comfortable and enjoyable. 

Your home is a major investment. In fact, we’re willing to bet your house is probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your life. Most of the time, people are concerned with making the interior of the house more exciting or interesting, but they fail to realize that outdoor spaces can be just as attractive. 

Invest in Paver Patios

If you live in the Chicago area and are in need of landscaping or hard scaling services, Arbeen Landscaping is the best company to call. We have been in the industry since mowing lawns in high school. We parted for a while and tried to pursue other careers, however, we quickly realized our passion was still in landscaping. Now, with Arbeen Landscaping, we’ve elevated our brand to a new level. 

We are focused on the details of each project we take on, which is part of the reason our customers walk away satisfied. In addition to this, we also try our best to keep communication open with our customers. Plus, we offer the best quality materials with the best quality craftsmanship. So if you’re a homeowner or business owner looking for landscaping services, visit our website or contact us for more information. Our employees are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our services. 

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