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Landscaping Features To Make Your Business Stand Out

One thing that ties all businesses together is that they are all trying to make themselves stand out in some way. Every business has a model and an idea and a product of some kind, but how can they make their business stand out? There are many options in terms of websites, fancy office buildings, and more. But one thing that makes your business stand out when a customer comes to the door is landscaping. If you want to know how to make your business stand out, you want to know that your business has a beautiful outside presentation. This could mean just clean, trimmed, and beautiful grass out front, or it could mean full commercial landscape design. There are so many options, and you can find one that will fit perfectly for your business. 

Commercial Landscaping

When it comes to knowing how to make your business stand out, commercial landscaping is a must. Especially if you have a storefront where clients and customers come each and every day. When a commercial building has a dirty, garbage-filled lawn, people avoid it. If your lawn has pools of standing water and poor drainage, people notice. Not only does it make your business look trashy, but it makes people worried that if you don’t care about your landscaping, you won’t care about your work either. Having beautiful commercial landscaping is all about what you have available, and making it shine. 

Lawn Care

Lawn care in commercial businesses is step one for creating and keeping appeal. When you mow your lawn every week, it looks uniform and appealing. Making sure the edging is well done and clean makes you look professional. If you have flower beds or other shrubbery, making sure there are no weeds is important. Beautiful flowers add atmosphere and a pop of color.

Plants and Trees

Choosing the right plants and trees for your landscaping is key. Commercial landscape design can even go with your logo design and colors. You can plant flowers that reflect the kind of work you do. Some flowers will last a lot longer and bloom for longer, which affects your choices. Having trimmed, beautiful hedges and shrubs also add another level of beauty. If you have trees on your property, cleaning up the leaves in the fall and trimming the unruly branches will not only protect your property, but it will look much cleaner. Ensuring that the leaves are cleaned up also makes a difference on your lawn. If there are too many leaves on the ground, it can kill your grass. 

Water Features

A beautiful commercial landscape design that really stands out is water features. This includes ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and more. When you have a water feature outside your business, it immediately makes a difference. It is beautiful, adds an aesthetic that everyone loves, and most of them make very little difference in cost. Depending on the feature, you may have to take it down in the winter, but it is worth it for the spring and summer months. 


A very attractive part of commercial landscaping is creating a place where customers and clients can sit. This includes outdoor living areas and things like paths, benches, tables, and shaded areas. This kind of commercial landscape design attracts people to your storefront. It invites people to come and be near your place of business. It also makes you feel more accessible to your clientele. You can also prepare your landscaping in a way that it shades the building in the summer and protects the building in the winter, saving on energy costs. You can also create paths to avoid people walking on the grass and causing damage to the landscaping, and adding convenience. There are many ways to make your commercial landscaping functional and beautiful.

Unique Commercial Landscaping 

If you really want to know how to make your business stand out, choose landscaping that is unique and will make people notice you! 

Create a Landmark

When you have a business near a road or in a populated area, make your business a landmark! This can be done through a water feature, a statue, or another large, beautiful landscaping feature. People notice things like this and start using it to give others directions, and it sticks in their minds. This is a great way to make your business noticeable through your commercial landscape design. This one can be tricky, so be prepared to look for options and work with your contractor to create something you will love. 

Enhance the Building

When you have a beautiful commercial building, making a unique landscaping choice can only beautify it even more. Maybe you have a brick facade on your building, so add moss or vines! If you have a beautiful flat roof, add a rooftop garden! If you have a nice area by your front entrance, add a tiered garden with beautiful flowers. If you have large pillars, add trees that compliment the colors and add intrigue. If your building has blue highlights, add matching blue flowers to the lawn. There are many ways to make your building more beautiful and noticeable. 


A unique way to show off your store with an extremely low-cost and low-maintenance option is xeriscape. This is a rock-based design with little to no plants. You can create designs with the rocks, add unique plants, and conserve water. Xeriscape is a great way to show that you are conservation-minded, and make your business unique. 

How to Make Your Business Stand Out

When it comes to commercial landscape design, learning how to make your business stand out can seem difficult. When you have the right contractors by your side, you can make your vision a reality, and maybe even get more than you thought possible! When you are ready to make your commercial landscaping really stand out, contact us for a consultation, and we’d be happy to work with you to create something truly stunning. 

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