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Landscaping Jobs Better Left to Professionals 

After scrolling through image after image of perfect landscaping jobs, you get ideas for your yard and think to yourself, “I can do this myself.” If you have the time to learn and the patience to get things just the way you want them, you could do a lot of the landscaping work yourself. It might save you some money, but doing certain landscaping jobs yourself can lead to major problems that could cost you more in the long run. While you might be tempted to DIY your landscaping, some landscaping jobs are better left to professionals. In this article, we will discuss the landscaping jobs better left to the professionals, and what you should look for in landscaping companies and local landscapers that can help you complete these landscaping jobs.

Landscaping Jobs

If you want your landscaping job done right the first time, hiring a professional such as Arbeen Landscaping would be in your best interest. A professional will know how to safely and effectively do these landscaping jobs so you can focus on getting your dream landscape. This list is not extensive. Any landscaping job where you are not completely sure that you know what you are doing should be done by a professional.

Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems need to be installed properly if they are going to work efficiently and effectively. Some common mistakes people make while installing irrigation systems include using the wrong kind of backflow device for your climate, using the wrong-sized pump, using too many heads per zone, and using poor-quality materials. Mistakes can cause water to pool and damage nearby structures. If you do not want a mess, irrigation systems are a landscaping job better left to the professionals. 

Paver Patios

A professional will be able to lay a paver patio that will stand the test of time. When inexperienced people try to install paver patios, they often settle leaving the patio uneven over time. A professional will know how to correctly prepare the base and will use high-quality materials to construct a durable paver patio for your home.

Landscape Lighting

This landscaping job requires an artistic eye. Landscape lighting needs to be placed in a way that looks good while the lights are off and on while also providing enough light. Many of the store-bought lighting options provide poor-quality lights and most DIY lighting designers lack the skills necessary to place the lights properly. 


Mulching might seem like an easy landscaping job, but if not done correctly you could harm your plants. The type of mulch you use needs to work with the plants you have chosen and you need to be careful about the amount of mulch you lay. Too much can cut off the oxygen to your plant’s roots. 

Professional landscapers know how to do this landscaping job. Landscapers understand plants. They know which types of mulch work best with which types of plants and how much of each type is optimal. 

Landscaping Companies

Now that you know which landscaping jobs you need to leave to the professionals, you need to choose a landscaping company. How do you find and how do you choose the landscaping company for you?


When parsing down the landscaping companies on your list, make sure you consider each landscaping company’s knowledge. A landscaping company with knowledgeable staff will be able to answer questions and keep the landscaping job running smoothly. 

Previous Work

Does the landscaping company have images of previous landscaping jobs? You can get an idea of the company’s style and quality of work by analyzing their past work. If they produce consistent, quality work, you can expect that they will provide you with the same level of quality on your project. 

Variety of Services

Landscaping companies that provide a variety of services can offer you those services if you decide you would like them in the future. It is more convenient to use a landscaping company you have experience with and trust rather than seek out a new one. 

In Your Budget

You can get quality landscaping done without giving up everything you own. This does not mean that every landscaping service will be in your price range. Before you hire a landscaping company, decide how much you are willing to spend. Be upfront with the company and work with them to find what you want for the price you need.

That being said, you will get more if you pay more. A more experienced and knowledgeable company is more likely to charge more but provide better work. If something is much less expensive than its competitors, there is usually a reason.

Customer Service

How do you feel when you interact with each landscaping company? Are they respectful, answering your questions in a timely manner, and making you feel like they want to work with you? If they make a mistake, do they fix it?

The landscaping company will likely never be perfect, but they need to put in the effort to provide excellent customer service. If their work is great, but you feel terrible every time you talk to them, you should choose a different company. The headache of working with them will not be worth the terrible customer service. Not to mention, if they do not listen to you or return your calls, it’s unlikely you will get what you want anyway.

Local Landscapers

If you are looking for the best landscaping company to get your landscaping jobs done, local landscapers might be your best bet. Local landscapers understand your area’s climate and what landscaping architecture will work best for people in your area. They’ll understand what plants thrive, how much sun you get, what types of bugs you have, and how different landscaping choices will affect your ability to enjoy your yard. 

Arbeen Landscaping is a landscaping company local to Illinois, serving Oswego, Yorkville, Montgomery, Aurora, Plainfield, Bolingbrook, and Naperville. Our expert landscapers can help you complete all the landscaping jobs better left to the professionals. Whether you are looking for residential landscaping or commercial landscaping, small or large projects, Arbeen landscaping has the knowledge to get you the yard you want.

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