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New Homeowner Landscaping Tips

Landscaping Tips for New Homeowners

New homeowners have a lot to consider when deciding how to landscape their dream home. It can even be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. Arbeen Landscaping is here to offer new homeowners all the landscaping tips they need to keep their homes looking beautiful. 


New Home Landscaping

Once you’ve moved into your new home, it’s important to stay on top of its landscaping needs. To make sure your home is both beautiful and safe, start by taking note of the property. Inspect the land, plants, and surrounding area for anything that could be hazardous. You should be especially sure to look for trees too close to your home or trees hanging over your roof. One of the more obvious signs of a dangerous tree is if it is leaning or tipping over. Trees that are leaning are very likely to fall over, possibly onto your home. Any tree leaning too close to your home can cause serious damage during a storm. 

While these issues may be easy to miss when first touring your dream home, they shouldn’t be ignored. You can prevent serious harm to you or your home by staying vigilant for trees or branches too close to the home. Similarly, it’s important to check your new home for sick or dead plants. The signs of a dying plant can be subtle, so it’s very important to pay attention to the plants in your yard.

Sick or dying plants

A sick or dead plant can cause serious trouble for homeowners. Dead trees are more likely to fall over, possibly damaging your home. Under the right circumstances, they could even seriously injure someone. Some plants may be infested with pests that can damage or kill them. Trees that are overrun with insects will often have large holes in them that are leaking sap. These holes are formed by bugs that burrow their way into the tree. Some holes, like those made by termites, might be smaller and easier to miss. Many insects will leave signs that they are living within a tree, like eggs or wood shavings at the base of the plant.

Trees aren’t the only plants that can be affected by insects and diseases. In general, when a plant is sick or dying it won’t be able to function properly. Many plants will lose branches or change color when they’re sick. A lot of times, fungi will grow along dead plant material. If you aren’t sure whether you have a sick or dead plant in your yard, contact the experts at Arbeen Landscaping. Dead plants can cause very serious problems to your yard, your home, and even your health.


Landscaping Tips

After you’ve inspected your yard for any obvious hazards, it’s time to focus on maintaining your property. One of the biggest mistakes new homeowners make is watering their yard too often. If worried about over-watering, make sure your plants have soil that allows for plenty of drainage. Avoid automatic irrigation systems that will water your yard even after it’s rained. 

Prune your plants when appropriate. Some plants can’t support themselves when they’re too big, in which case pruning is a must. Even when this isn’t the case, overgrown plants can look messy and uncared for.

When landscaping, be sure to plan everything fully. Far too often, homeowners fail to plan appropriately when trying to landscape. A lot of things can go wrong when you don’t plan correctly. You may place plants in an area that isn’t suitable for them. You may run out of important materials like soil or mulch. Sometimes homeowners even plant trees without considering how big they’re eventually going to get. When you aren’t sure of how to proceed with your landscaping, reach out to Arbeen Landscaping to help with all of your landscaping needs.

Landscaping Around House

Landscaping around your home will look very different from homeowner to homeowner. When deciding how to landscape around your home, there are important factors to consider. One important factor is deciding what plants to plant outside your home. 

The right plants for your home will vary depending on your needs as a homeowner. Some people will want to have a lush, green garden with a lot of flowers. In that case, plant species that will do well in your area. For the most part, this means planting native plants. Since these plants are native to the area, they’re sure to thrive in their conditions. If you’re looking for plants that are low maintenance, plant things that can survive without much supervision. Plants like butterfly weed and daylilies are low-maintenance plants that can survive in most conditions. They’re also beautiful additions to any garden. 

Consider adding trees to your yard. Trees offer a lot of shade to your yard, making it much more bearable in Summer. Trees can also add a sense of privacy to your home depending on the kind that you plant and how they’re arranged. 

Add color to your yard. Planting colorful plants can have a huge impact on the appearance of your yard. Break up the monotony by adding red, blues, or even pinks to your garden. Planting flowers is the easiest way to add some color to your yard. Lantanas, forget-me-nots, and prairie smoke are just some of the many flowers that can brighten up your yard. 

Coleus is a shrub that has dark red leaves that would beautifully complement a lush, green garden. Or consider planting fruit-bearing plants. There are many plants that can produce colorful fruit for your garden. The American wintergreen produces bright red berries. Or, if red isn’t your color, you can plant elderberry bushes. Elderberries are delightfully deep purple or black. Whatever you plant, adding color can enhance the natural beauty of your yard. 

Plants aren’t the only way to landscape around your home. Once you know what plants will be in your yard, you can select the mulch that will be best for them. Mulch is a vastly underrated part of landscaping. Many people don’t realize how much it affects the health of plants as well as the appearance of your yard. Mulch can be made of straw, hay, wood chips, or even rocks. 


Landscaping for Homeowners

Landscaping is an immensely important part of homeownership. It can make or break your dream home. Literally. When deciding how to manage your yard, make sure you’re not doing it alone. Only experts like the ones at Arbeen Landscaping can keep your yard healthy and beautiful. 

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