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Best Fall Flowers to Plant for Autumnal Color

There are beautiful and unique colors that trend each season, and autumn has some great choices you can incorporate into your lawn and flower bed areas to celebrate the season. However, you also want flower options in your yard spaces that are appropriate for your area’s temperature and weather conditions. Chicago and many other areas can have very cold weather, so you want yard plants and flowers that can survive and thrive in these conditions. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best fall flowers to plant for autumnal color and autumnal weather to give you a beautiful yard space with less effort.

Fall Flower Colors

Beautiful yard spaces take some effort and time to cultivate and continue to enjoy season-to-season. When a season ends and a new one begins, it’s the perfect opportunity to change up the look and plant life of your yard and garden spaces. For the fall season, some of the most popular and beautiful colors to consider incorporating into your outdoor spaces include yellow, rose pink, maroon, mustard, ember, orange, burgundy, emerald, olive green, navy, and plum. There are many great hue variations of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple that look great in fall. Look for subdued or darker hues, and consider tossing in some vibrant options.

Many great flowers match up with these fall colors, and also give you a range to work with and find what suits your taste and space sizes best. Be sure to also learn the different growing requirements of each option you consider to ensure your growing success. Some of the best flower types for fall colors in cold weather include chrysanthemum, dianthus, pansy, larkspur, alyssum, poppy, New England aster, snapdragon, Maximilian sunflower, pot marigold, joe pye weed, sneezeweed, annual phlox, bachelor’s button, lily of the valley, and Siberian iris.


Mums, or chrysanthemums, are at the top of many people’s lists for fall flowers to plant for autumnal color. Commonly sold during autumn, chrysanthemums thrive when planted in well-drained soil early in the autumn season.


This annual flower variety holds up well against frosty weather and gives a great pop of vibrant purple color. Able to bloom through light frosts, the majority of dianthus can grow between 6 and 10 inches tall.


Amongst the favorites for frost-hardy flowers, pansies have a great range of colors to suit a fall look in your outdoor spaces. You can enjoy these flowers blooming in fall and through early winter as a low-maintenance option.


For some blue and purple flower varieties in your outdoor spaces, consider some larkspur. Larkspur flowers need some cold exposure, referred to as vernalization, to have good flower production.


This annual, also known as sweet alyssum, is highly tolerant of colder weather but also grows well in warmer weather, making it an ideal addition to your containers and flower beds in the fall.


Prized for its paper-like, delicate appearance, the poppy looks beautiful in large plant settings to add some flowers blooming with bold red and light red-orange coloring. There are also some orange, raspberry, and flamingo pink variations.

New England Aster

A beautiful addition to your yard through the fall and winter seasons, the New England aster boasts pink, purple, and white flowers that bloom in the fall and can also attract monarch butterflies!


A tender perennial you can also grow as an annual, snapdragons can bloom from spring through fall and do well in cool climates or weather. Also, snapdragons aren’t an invasive species, making it a great way to avoid one of the common landscaping mistakes.

Maximilian Sunflower

Native to the Great Plains, the Maximilian sunflower, among other sunflower variations, is a fall aesthetic staple that can grow up to 10 feet in some cases. These sunflowers can also produce 2-5 inch-long yellow flowers between August and November.

Pot Marigold

For another one of the best flowers for warm fall colors, consider adding some pot marigolds into your garden scape. They provide big yellow and orange blooms as hardy annuals that self-sow for low maintenance and can even prefer chilly weather.

Joe Pye Weed

Now available in smaller sizes than its original version, joe pye weed can provide some light purple color to your yard space. You can easily incorporate some of these plants into your custom landscape design to suit your yard spaces and add impactful value to your home.


Bursting with yellow, orange, and red petals and a darker brown or purplish center, sneezeweeds are the perfect addition to your garden for autumn colors and autumn season hardiness.

Annual Phlox  

Analogous to perennial phlox, this plant creates a profusion of flower clusters on shorter stems. You can plant it in spring or fall for early blooms. If you are newer to gardening, a plant like annual phlox is a great place to start.

Bachelor’s Button

Another hardy flower variety, bachelor’s button, also known as cornflower, can consistently endure cold to freezing temperatures as fall leads into the winter season. You can enjoy vibrant blue, pink, purple, white, or red blooms. 

Lily of the Valley

Whether you choose a white, blue, or light pink variety, lily of the valley is a beautiful choice for fall colors and winter hardiness in your yard space. It produces a lovely scent, produces big blooms, and grows well in shady areas.

Siberian Iris

You can enjoy a variety of color options with Siberian iris, including orange, red, blue, yellow, white, violet, and pink. Native to Turkey and Russia, this is a great choice for a plant bred to withstand cold weather.

Best Flowers for Autumn

For some of the best fall flowers to plant for autumnal color, consider these top choices for longer-lasting, beautiful blooms in your favorite autumn colors. For more gardening ideas and to take your yard spaces to the next level of quality, lush growth with less maintenance, connect with Arbeen Landscaping today for your landscaping needs.

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