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Mulch Services Benefits

The Benefits of Mulch Services

Mulch makes all the difference when it comes to landscaping your commercial or residential properties. Not many people realize just how important mulch is when it comes to beautiful landscaping. Mulch has many benefits to your garden’s health and appearance. Mulch is any layer of material that covers the soil to protect it. There are two main types of mulch: organic and inorganic. Organic mulch includes anything that is made from previously living materials like wood chips, straw, hay, or rice. Even newspapers can be used as mulch. Inorganic mulch is not made from living things. Instead, it may be made from things like plastic or rocks.

Mulch is used to hold in moisture, protect soil, reduce weed growth, and improve the overall appearance of an area. It is not to be confused with compost. Mulch can also protect against foot traffic and weather. Foot traffic can damage soil over time. A busy walkway can loosen soil over time. If a walkway is busy enough, over time it can prevent plants from growing in that area. 


Protection against weather

Over time, weather can also be very detrimental to plants and soil. Extreme heat and cold can damage or even kill plants. Mulch also protects the soil against heat that could dry it out or freeze it. Both of which could make it difficult for plants to thrive in the soil. Mulch can even prevent soil from being washed away by rain. In general, mulch is a very protective insulator for both plants and soil. While there are many benefits to mulch, this is one of the most popular ones. 

Preventing weed growth is another popular reason for choosing mulch services from experts at Arbeen Landscaping. Thick layers of mulch can prevent weed seeds from penetrating the soil’s surface. Mulch also blocks a lot of sunlight from any plants underneath it. Luckily, this won’t harm any of your existing plants which should be able to get plenty of sunlight. Weeds are pesky plants that can steal valuable resources from other plants. While some people might not mind weeds, mulch makes sure they don’t even have the option to grow in your yard. 


Mulch Delivery

Installing mulch yourself can be a huge hassle. Driving to a store, choosing a mulch, buying it, and trying to drive it all back home can be incredibly difficult. And that’s not even considering the actual installation! Thankfully, Arbeen Landscaping can make the whole process easier. The mulch experts at Arbeen Landscaping can help you decide what mulch is right for your property, tell you how much is needed, and deliver it right to you! Mulch services take away the guesswork when choosing what kind of mulch is right for your home. Arbeen’s experts also know exactly how much is needed for your home. Too much mulch is unsightly, while too little might not provide adequate protection. Professional landscapers can make sure the mulch is placed perfectly throughout your yard. 

With mulch delivery there’s no need to drive back and forth to the hardware store, hoping you bought enough mulch this time. Arbeen Landscaping can bring the right mulch to you directly. No confusing hardware stores and no weekends spent spreading wheelbarrows of mulch. Some jobs are better left to the professionals. 


Mulch Yard

Installing mulch in your yard can keep your property looking healthy and green all year long. Since there are so many types of mulch, it can be difficult picking the right kind for your yard. Some mulches might be better suited around trees while others might look best in a flower garden. Arbeen Landscaping can walk you through your options to pick the right one. Bark or wood chips are most common around trees. This kind of mulch is difficult to dig through, making it a little impractical for gardens. Because they’re so thick and difficult to move, wood chips will last longer than other types of mulch. 

Pine straw is another popular type of mulch. Pine needles are great at preventing weeds and maintaining moisture. They even add lots of nutrients to the soil as they break down. Grass clippings, another popular kind of mulch, also add many nutrients as they decompose. Grass clippings break down a little faster than some other mulches, but they can be very beneficial to the right home. To explore all of your options, talk to a professional landscaper. 


How Much Is Mulch

Cost is a huge factor when considering landscaping. To get exact prices for mulch services, contact Arbeen Landscaping. For the most part, mulch prices vary depending on the type of mulch. Typically, mulch can range from about two to six dollars per bag. This can also be thought of as about $38 to $115 per cubic yard of mulch when factoring in the cost of installation. More common types of mulch like pine straw tend to be cheaper. Other varieties like cocoa shells or stones are on the more expensive side.


So Much Mulch!

Mulch has so many benefits, whether you’re considering adding it to your home garden or using it to line your business. Mulch protects soil from all kinds of activity that could damage it. Rain, foot traffic, and more can all cause erosion that could wash away soil. Eroded soil can affect the health of your plants as well as the appearance of your property. Mulch can also keep soil safe from weeds, extreme temperatures, and moisture loss. 

Keeping your soil healthy is just one of the benefits of installing mulch. Mulch can also improve the appearance of your property when installed properly. Since mulch comes in a variety of colors and textures, it can be used for its aesthetic appeal as well. Trees, gardens, and walkways lined with mulch look significantly better than wilting plants or beaten paths. 

When choosing mulch services, choose Arbeen Landscaping. Only experts can make sure your mulch is installed correctly and beautifully. Professional landscapers help you make all the difficult decisions that come with landscaping. They can help you decide what kind of mulch, how much to use, and how to place it. Let Arbeen Landscaping get your yard looking so mulch better. 

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