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How a Brick Paver Patio Can Make Your Yard Feel Bigger 

Are you searching the internet for “paver patio installers” near me? Then, Arbeen Landscaping has got you covered. We understand that a well-designed outdoor space can really enhance your home’s appeal. One great way to create a sense of spaciousness in your yard is by installing a brick paver patio. Patio brick pavers are a popular choice for homeowners that want to transform their outdoor space. They provide both form and function.  Brick paver patios can provide a space for outdoor activities. It can also expand the perception of your yard. In this blog post, we will explore how a brick paver patio can make your yard feel bigger. We will also go into the benefits it can bring to your outdoor living! 

How a Brick Paver Patio Can Make Your Yard Feel Bigger 

Create Visual Continuity 

Patio brick pavers can help establish a sense of continuity between your indoor and outdoor spaces. With a brick paver patio, you can extend the design elements from your home onto your patio. You can create a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors. This connection helps to blur the boundaries, making your yard feel bigger. The ultimate goal in landscaping is to build harmony. We can build cohesion in a garden through careful placement of the paver brick installation. A successful garden can build off of existing features of the home, making it look bigger. Connect your backyard visually to the home and the larger landscape. 

A Defined Living Area

With a paver brick installation, you can create a designated outdoor living space that extends the usable area of your yard. This defined area serves as an invitation to spend more time outdoors. This can help you feel like your yard is an oasis for relaxation. Whether you are looking to entertain guests, enjoy outdoor dining, or just want to unwind after work, a brick paver is a great central point. This helps enhance the overall functionality of your yard. There are so many ways to create a well-designed outdoor living area that makes your yard feel bigger and helps create lasting memories. 

Use Brick Patterns for Expansion

Brick pavers have a unique ability to visually expand a space. The uniformity and clean lines of the brick pattern create an optical illusion of a bigger area. This effect is significant if you choose lighter-colored bricks. Lighter shades reflect more light, making the patio appear brighter, more open, and ultimately more spacious. Consider the pavers’ colors as well. Natural materials that come in earth tones are a great choice. You can even tint concrete brick to mimic these colors. Smaller pavers can make a space feel cluttered. Larger tiles can create a more open appearance. Your color palette will likely fall within one of these ranges. Some color options include: 

  • cream or sandstone
  • gray or charcoal
  • soft blue or bluish-gray, as with river stone 
  • A soft greenish hue, usually a green-gray, such as a green flagstone
  • Terracotta or red hues, such as a classic brick 

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Consider Your Paver Material 

There are so many options for pavers, so choosing the right paver for your patio may seem a little daunting. Choosing the right paver material can completely transform your space and expand your backyard. The texture and color of the materials you select for the flooring area are an integral part of designing a patio that has a lot of space. The good news is, concrete pavers come in an array of styles that mimic brick, natural stone, and slate, giving you a similar appearance at a significantly lower price. The most common choices and prices per square foot are: 

  • Clay Brick: $10-$20 per square foot 
  • Concrete Brick: $8-$15 per square foot 
  • Concrete Stone/Slate Concrete: $8-$15 per square foot 
  • Natural Stone/Slate: $15-$50 per square foot 

Maximize Space with Furniture Layout

Another way a paver brick installation can maximize space is with a strategic furniture layout. Look to patio furniture ideas to make sure that you have the layout you’re looking for. An Arbeen Landscaping professional can work with you on some patio ideas to maximize the use of your brick paver patio. Some examples include using modern lighting to make your patio appear larger. Light colors as mentioned earlier can also give a more expansive feel and open up the space. You can even add furniture such as a small sofa and chair. 

Add Depth with Greenery

One of the best things about decorating an outdoor space is adding plants. You can add plants to your brick paver patio in order to expand the place.  When it comes to patio planning ideas, plants are always the top choice. Potted plants and vines can give an inviting backyard. Vertical gardens are also a great way to create an expanded living area and space. 

Keep Things Uncluttered

A simple yet effective way to make your brick paver patio more expensive is by keeping your outdoor space clean. It’s important to keep things simple when designing a less-than-large space. Resist the temptation to cram in too much, in order to preserve your backyard and make it long-lasting. This will detract from your brick paver patio and create a space that is small rather than expansive. Resist the urge to overdesign the space as well. Keep a few neutral pieces. Try not to choose bright colors as that can also make the space seem more chaotic and small.

How a Brick Paver Patio Can Make Your Yard Feel Bigger 

Your Answer to “Paver Patio Installers Near Me?”

Adding a brick paver patio to your yard can work wonders in making your outdoor space feel bigger. Create a defined area with strategic placement or add colors to make your space look bigger. A patio offers various ways to maximize the perceived size of your yard. If you’re looking to expand your living space and create an outdoor oasis, add a brick paver patio and choose Arbeen! We have thorough attention to detail that has always been very strong, achieving accuracy and thoroughness when taking on tasks from lawn mowing to landscaping projects. If you’ve been searching “paver patio installers near me”, look no further. We have the best service in the Chicagoland area for patio brick pavers. We are sure to help you get the brick paver patio of your dreams.

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