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How to Make Asphalt Driveway Edging Look Crisp

Driveways make a huge impact on the first impression of a property. They’re visually hard to miss and tend to be the first point of contact any visitor has. They can come in all different forms – from a grass or dirt driveway to a gorgeous brick paver driveway. Asphalt driveways are more budget-friendly than alternatives such as brick paver driveways, however, they are not as aesthetically pleasing. The asphalt driveway edging can often have an unfinished look, lowering the curb appeal. Luckily, there are options to make asphalt driveway edging look crisp, clean, and visually appealing, with the help of a professional landscape team

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What is Landscape Edging 

Landscape edging is part of landscape design used to create a border between different landscape elements. Common lawn edging is seen around specific garden or plant areas, the borders between a patio and a yard, or around a play area. Lawn edging comes in all different styles, based on specific needs, as well as the size and shape of the materials used. The main types of landscape edging include: 

Garden and lawn edging creates a divider between the garden or flower beds and the rest of the lawn. Not only does this provide visual separation for a cleaner look, but it also separated different ground materials for planting versus ground cover, such as mulch versus grass. 

Mulch edging is used to keep a mulched bed in place. Mulch edging and garden edging can be the same. 

The inclusion of beauty edging in a landscape design is purely for aesthetic purposes and does not fill a specific function other than visual separation. 

Driveway edging, which we’ll be focusing on in this article, creates a border on the sides of the driveway to add visual appeal. This is especially useful for asphalt driveways, which naturally have less visual appeal than stove paver driveways. 

Options for Lawn Edging Materials 

The materials used for lawn, garden, or driveway edging can vary based on individual preferences and tastes. Common materials for aesthetic edging include brick and stone, available in a variety of colors and sizes to suit specific needs. More functional edging, with less focus on being visually appealing, can also be created with plastic, wood, or concrete. Asphalt driveway edging work is usually done with brick or stone, often blending elements of a patio or other hardscape surface to create a cohesive look. 

The Benefits of Asphalt Driveway Edging 

Not only does asphalt driveway edging simply make s simple asphalt driveways look nicer, and provide a more finished look, there are additional benefits. Stone edging on an asphalt driveway can help maintain the driveway, lowering the future need for repairs. Edging can prevent the sides of the asphalt from chipping and wearing over time. In addition to protecting the driveway, edging along asphalt can help protect the lawn bordering it. 

Brick or stone edging helps prevent erosion and other weather damage to grass and lawns. Edging is also practical. Having a contrasting border makes the driveway easier to see, and using different materials can alert a driver if they are off the asphalt. This helps protect the rest of the yard from damage due to poor parking jobs. When a vehicle veers off the edge of an asphalt driveway, it can cause cracks in the asphalt edge. Having an additional material helps prevent these cracks and the need for repairs. And of course, edging an asphalt driveway just makes it look a lot nicer, increasing curb appeal, property value, and your enjoyment and pride in your house. 

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Ideas for Driveway Edging 

Adding brick or stone edging on an asphalt driveway adds a creative opportunity to a usually simple design. If installing a fully brick driveway is out of your budget, edging an asphalt driveway is a way to insert some personality and artistic touches and increase curb appeal. When designing asphalt driveway edging you should keep in mind the specific needs, environment, and budget, while deciding on a material and style. If there is a front porch or patio, retaining wall, or other hardscape elements, using the same material to create a driveway edge can bring everything together, creating a cohesive look. 

Driveway edging is an opportunity to be creative. There are lots of ideas out there that provide crisp, clean looks for an asphalt driveway. Driveway edging falls into two categories: raised or flat. Flat being even in the driveway and the lawn, and raised offering an additional border. 

Edging ideas range from a simple, one-row brick border to a more complex paver design. Additional options include a brick or stone border, and then a mulch with plants or flowers, creating a living border that is still protected. Pebbles, gravel, or river rocks can create an interesting look while still offering similar benefits to brick and stone edging. 

You can spend hours browsing for driveway edging ideas and inspiration. A professional landscaper can help you narrow down your options, saving you valuable time. A professional team will also ensure the final product is crisp and clean. 

How to Make Asphalt Driveway Edging Look Crisp

Professional Driveway Edging in Chicago

As with any landscape project, there are ways to create an edge for your driveway as a do-it-yourself project, if you are the DIY type. However, if you are not confident in your skills, or lack the time to tackle the project, working with a professional is the best option. If you have an asphalt driveway that could use an upgrade, consider installing a stone or brick edge. 

Professional landscapers, such as the team at Arbeen Landscaping, can design, plan, and install driveway edging to suit your needs and your style. Our professional team serves the Chicagoland area, including the suburbs in Aurora, Batavia, Brookfield, Burr Ridge, Carol Stream, Claredon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, Geneva, Glen Ellyn, Hinsdale, La Grange, Lemont, Lisle, Lombard, Lyons, Montgomery, Naperville, Oswego, Oak Brook, Plainfield, St. Charles, Westmont, Wheaton, and Yorkville. Contact Arbeen Landscaping to start your driveway edging project or any other landscaping project on your to-do list.

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