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Pergolas and Gazebos

Are you ready to update your home’s outdoor and patio spaces? While we often pay close attention to the indoor areas of our home and consider these rooms for renovations, we often neglect to think about the outdoor areas for improvements and updates. The outdoor areas of a home provide more than just a beautiful aesthetic or a place to relax with family and friends, they can increase your property value as a highly valuable extension of your residence. When you’re looking to update your outdoor spaces, items such as pergolas and gazebos can really enhance various areas of your yard and gardens for a luxurious look that matches indoor areas.

Chicago Pergolas and Gazebos

The perfect outdoor space for friends and family to enjoy time together is a place where you can enjoy the beautiful natural features of the Chicago area while admiring the residential landscape aspects of your own yard area. Arbeen Landscaping can help you make the most of your yard and garden areas with various coverage, seating, and entertainment additions. It’s never been easier to take your outdoor living area to the next level with unique and modern attributes, such as pergolas and gazebos. For an outdoor solution for varied recreation, weather protection, or a distinctive aesthetic, the pergolas and gazebos from Arbeen Landscaping have many benefits.

Arbeen Landscaping Creates Pergolas and Gazebos

Pergolas and gazebos can provide homeowners with a new source of satisfaction and pride. If you’re living in the area of Yorkville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Oswego, Montgomery, Plainfield, or Naperville, Illinois, our team has a number of outdoor living and recreation options that include pergolas and gazebos. We provide the highest levels of professional, quality service to achieve lasting results toward the landscape of your dreams. For professional planning, design, and installation for your property, there’s no better choice in Chicagoland. If you’re looking for more overarching outdoor features for your unique spaces, a pergola or gazebo is an excellent choice.

Modern Pergolas

A pergola essentially serves as an outdoor structure of columns that hold an overhead grid of rafters and beams. These overhead grids have covered options for a sheltered area or you can keep them open for a more creative structure surrounding your patio or other outdoor space. There are also options for attachment to your home or for your pergola to remain freestanding depending on your specific aesthetic preferences and needs. Arbeen Landscaping can help you plan and develop the perfect modern pergola aesthetic for a truly luxurious landscape. Typically larger and flatter outdoor structures, modern pergolas can help your outdoor space make an impactful architectural statement.

Modern Gazebos

If you want to enrich your outdoor time this year with an attractive new structure, the gazebos from our team at Arbeen Landscaping offer another great choice. More solid, surrounding structures than pergolas, gazebos can give your yard an open view of the surrounding landscape while still giving you and your guests covered seating and entertainment options. With our team members, you can have a modern gazebo that fits in seamlessly with your specific outdoor space. We work to match landscaping features for ideal uniformity with personality, so you can maintain or diversify your yard and garden designs to your liking.

Other Outdoor Living Features

Modern pergolas and gazebos are a popular addition to outdoor living areas, and we specialize in these and various other outdoor living features. Other exciting outdoor living features we can add to your yard or patio include:

Benefits of Adding a Pergola or Gazebo to Your Home

As an extension of your indoor spaces, your pergola or gazebo should also reflect your wants, needs, and personality. There are numerous benefits to adding a pergola or gazebo to your patio or yard.

Outdoor Entertaining

Beyond giving you a space to invite guests for backyard parties and afternoons by the pool, pergolas and gazebos offer more options to entertain and dine outdoors. A modern pergola or gazebo design can provide you with a respite from the sun as well as a more defined area to talk, eat, and relax. Let us help you show off improvements to the outside of your home, yard, and surrounding property with a brand-new pergola or gazebo. These features can also bring guests closer together as a unique landscape element to gather under on more occasions.

Poolside Lounge

While umbrellas and deck chairs can create a means to sunbathe and enjoy a cool drink, nothing truly compares to a pergola or gazebo for a modern landscape aesthetic and weather protection when you want it. You don’t want to spend less time outdoors or have to end a pleasant afternoon early because of too much wind, sun, or rain. Arbeen Landscaping can help you upgrade your patio or yard, so you can always enjoy time outdoors. We can also help you create the perfect lounge area by your pool or other landscape features with poolside or patio accents.

Outdoor Extension

Open-style, modern landscaping and design additions can readily allow you to move more freely between your indoor and outdoor areas. We can continue a natural flow in your property’s layout by positioning a pergola or gazebo near an exterior side of your home leading out to your yard. There’s nothing more relaxing than transitioning easily between the indoor and outdoor areas of your home with a natural extension.

Relaxing Space

A pergola or gazebo can also provide you with a truly relaxing outdoor space. While enjoying the inviting shade and uncompromised views, you can regularly relax and unwind. We can also help you continue to enjoy the consistently relaxing view of shady trees and manicured lawn and garden areas with regularly scheduled maintenance.

Get Your Pergolas and Gazebos at Arbeen Landscaping

Arbeen Landscaping is the best place to find pergolas and gazebos in the Chicago area. Contact us today to begin planning the installation of your beautiful pergola or gazebo!

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