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Luxury Landscaping

Do you want to truly enjoy your yard space while taking your landscaping to the next level? You can stop spending extensive time designing and caring for your yard while enjoying advanced, luxurious landscaping with Arbeen Landscaping. We are a full-service landscaping business providing commercial and residential landscaping and design to the residents of Chicagoland, including Yorkville, Aurora, Bolingbrook, Oswego, Montgomery, Plainfield, and Naperville. You can have the beautiful, worry-free yard space of your dreams with our high-quality professional landscaping services, including luxury design, installation, gardening, and maintenance.

What Is Luxury Landscaping?

Luxury landscaping goes beyond simple maintenance to provide you with a truly magnificent outdoor space you’ll love, and your neighbors will want to copy. Regular landscaping efforts can have a major impact on your home’s curb appeal, but luxury landscaping takes things a step further. It can drastically affect your home’s value by up to 20%. However, to avoid a haphazard or unmanageable landscaping job, it’s important to choose the right company for the job. With extensive knowledge, industry experience, and innovative solutions, Arbeen Landscaping is always the right choice for your luxury landscaping in Chicago and surrounding areas.

Luxury landscaping can greatly improve the external appearance of your property, and we offer many luxury landscaping design options to suit your needs so you end up with the perfect outdoor space you’ve always dreamed of. It’s the details that separate a typical yard space from a luxury outdoor environment you’ll love spending your free time in. The overarching principles of high-end landscaping at a great price are a beautifully cohesive plan, consideration for desired social components, the highest quality materials available, and a proper maintenance plan. Arbeen Landscaping is here to provide you with the resources for truly luxurious results.


Why Invest in Luxury Landscaping?

Any business or home can benefit from professional luxury landscaping. With artistic landscaping and luxury gardening techniques, our landscaping team members can help you show off your commercial or residential property and highlight your well-maintained and beautiful landscaping features. Your property is a major investment. If you spend time beautifying and decorating the inside areas of your property, why not spend the money and time to make sure the exterior is just as beautiful? In addition to increasing the curb appeal of your business or home, luxury landscaping can increase your property value, provide you with a professional look, and require less maintenance than other landscaping design options.

The best part is, you need not put forth the effort to plan, design, install, and maintain your luxury landscape. We can take care of all your yard and garden needs with professional installations, organized design efforts, and regular maintenance plans. Rather than spending your spare time working to achieve and maintain a luxury landscape on your own, you can simply enjoy it for all of your social gatherings, including backyard parties, summer barbeques, and evenings by the fire pit. If you live in the Chicagoland area, it’s time to start enjoying your yard space with help from Arbeen Landscaping.


Stages of Luxury Landscaping

Learn more about the process of luxury landscaping design and what it looks like.


The first step of luxury landscaping is to evaluate your unique property. Every property is different, so you’ll need to evaluate the structures and needs of your landscape with an Arbeen Landscaping team member. Evaluation can help you avoid costly mistakes during planning. It’s important to be aware of your property’s elevation, as well as its water and other utility structures both above and below ground, to avoid budget and time losses.


Next comes the planning stage, wherein you and our team at Arbeen will discuss what you want and need for your landscape. We can help you with idea formulation and the details of layouts, plant types, bordering, pathways, and other outdoor structures you desire or may have an interest in. During the planning stage, you can also explore what social components you may like, such as a fire feature, outdoor living area, and landscape lighting.


Once we evaluate your property’s structures and needs and develop a plan for your luxury landscaping design, we can begin your professional-grade installation. From outdoor lighting and outdoor living areas to brick paver patios, we are your one-stop for luxury landscaping with lasting results. Attempting to evaluate, plan, and install your own luxury landscaping design features can be more time-consuming, less budget-friendly, and can even cause unintentional damage.


Once we install your desired luxury gardening and design features, you don’t want to have the hassle to maintain it at its current level of beauty and detail. Our team can make sure your beautiful landscape stays the envy of the neighborhood and design features remain in proper condition. You want a nice outdoor aesthetic that lasts as long as possible to make the most of your efforts. 

Serving Residents in the Suburbs of Chicago

We proudly serve the residents of Chicago’s suburbs with a range of luxury landscaping options to suit your needs and desires for your unique property. Our team has the vast experience and knowledge to bring you quality, lasting results from your luxury landscaping features, including:

  • Plant Installations-

Luxury landscaping is a type of art, involving the arrangement of land features for practical and aesthetic purposes. 

  • Landscape Lighting-

Outdoor lighting features can improve your landscape while adding security and an evening aesthetic.

  • Natural Stone-

Used for decorative or building purposes, natural stones such as granite, slate, marble, and limestone provide charm and character.

  • Brick Paver Patios-

More decorative than traditional patios, our brick paver patios come in a range of textures and colors. 

  • Fire Features-

We also offer a range of fire features, including fire bowls, fire columns, outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables, and chimneys.

The Best Luxury Landscaping Services in Chicago’s Suburbs

Arbeen Landscaping can provide you with the best luxury landscaping in Chicago’s suburbs. With many satisfied customers throughout Chicagoland, we can help you beautify your outdoor space today!

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