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Patio Landscaping to Increase the Value of Your Apartments

Do you want to know how to increase your home value and how to use patio landscaping to increase the value of your apartments? The first time a potential renter tours the property is the most important time. First impressions are everything. If your landscaping is lackluster, the potential buyer has one more reason not to choose your apartments. Patios are a major draw for potential buyers. Apartment living can make access to the outdoors more difficult, but with a patio, access is only a few steps away. In this article, you will learn how to increase your home value, how patio landscaping can increase the value of your apartments, what makes a good yard, and how yard and home need to work together to create a cohesive image.

How to Increase Home Value

By learning how to increase home value, you can also learn how to increase your apartment value. Increasing home or apartment value comes down to making improvements that make people want to live in your apartment. The more someone wants to live in your apartment, the more they are willing to pay, and the more the apartment’s value increases. 

Once your apartment has all the necessities, extras like patio space can drastically increase the value of your apartment. As you learn how to increase home value you will realize that both private and communal patios have different pros and cons.

Communal patios will be used by the entire apartment complex. This means that some people will leave the area dirty and you risk damage to the furniture and tables and it will be your responsibility to manage these things. Even if you place the responsibility on the tenant to keep the patio clean, you cannot guarantee that it will not get out of hand. The more people who use the patio, the more wear and tear it will endure. If it does, it could drive your apartment value down. While a communal patio might be annoying for you, it offers the entire complex an outdoor space to enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company.

Private patios are managed by the tenant, but they can only be offered to tenants on the ground floor. They also tend to be small, so large parties are out of the question. For many tenants, they do not want to host large parties anyway so a private patio works perfectly for them. 

Good Yard

So what should your tenant see from their patio? After all, one of the major draws of a patio is the ability to enjoy the outdoors without stepping in the dirt. The secret is a good yard beyond the patio. 

Plant trees and add color to a flower garden. Choose a color scheme. This will help keep your yard looking neat and cohesive. Every choice you make should be informed by the architecture of the apartments and the other landscaping features you add to the yard. While personal taste counts for a lot during home landscaping projects, apartment landscaping needs to appeal to as many tenants as possible. 

It is pertinent that you keep the grass neat if you want to learn how to increase your home value. Tall or dying grass is an eyesore that will make your apartment value plummet. If you do not have time to manage your apartment’s lawn, consider hiring someone to maintain it for you

Consider adding a water feature. Fountains and ponds add a lot to the scenery. The better the view from the patio, the more your apartments will be worth.

Yard and Home

An outdoor entertainment area that lets you continue your indoor life outdoors is how to increase your home value. You just need to be sure it is a cohesive part of your yard and home. Here are some ways to design your apartment patio so that it is the perfect bridge between your yard and home.

Patio as an Extension of the Home

An easy way to come up with a design for your patio is to think of it as an extension of the home. Do you use wicker chairs with green cushions in your home? Consider using the same or similar ones outdoors? Do you decorate with a lot of photographs? Continue the motif on the outdoor wall. Be sure to adapt your style to the outdoors. Outdoor furniture and decorations made for the outdoors will withstand the elements far better than indoor furniture.

Comfortable Seating

If you want to bring your home life outside, you’re going to need a place to sit. Relax into a padded patio seat as you listen to the sounds of nature. Rock back and forth on a swinging bench as you admire the blooming and fragrant flowers. Consider adding a small side table so you can put down a drink or food for a moment to take in the breeze. 


The foliage does not need to stay in the yard. A few, small potted plants can blur the line between the patio and yard for a blended look. 


Your yard and home should already have a complementary color scheme, but the addition of a patio decorated in the same or another complementary color scheme would tie the who thing together. The cushions on your chair could match the flowers while the chair itself has a color that compliments the brick on the apartment wall. 

You could also design the patio as a focal point of the property. Make it stand out through the use of color. Bright pops of color catch the eye. Anything you want to be noticed should be a bright color. 

Privacy Screens

If you offer your tenants private patios, privacy screens should also be available. Privacy is important to most people; not everyone always feels like socializing. Sometimes they want to enjoy their patio without having to worry that their neighbor is staring at them. Privacy screens come in multiple materials, colors, and patterns. Find one that fits the aesthetic of the patio for the greatest increase in your home value.

Hire the Professionals

Learning how to increase your home value is not an easy task. Luckily the landscapers at Arbeen Landscaping are experts in all things apartment landscaping. If you are interested in any of Arbeen Landscaping’s services including brick paver patios, do not hesitate to reach out. 

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