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How to Elevate Your Patio with a Water Feature

Many homeowners look for some way to spruce up their yard at one time or another. There are things like statues, topiaries, and decorative outdoor lighting you can use to improve your outdoor space. However, one of the most relaxing additions you can make involves water features for your patio. Many people find the sound of the trickling water to invoke a sense of calm that they are seeking.

Reasons to Install a Water Feature for Your Patio

Big or small, a backyard water feature can provide a lot of outstanding benefits. From adding visually appealing focal points to a yard to attracting wildlife, these are some of our favorite benefits.

Attracting Wildlife

For nature lovers, one of the most exciting benefits of adding a backyard water feature is that it attracts wildlife to your yard. After all, all animals need water and many spend a good portion of their day seeking it out. A pond or a waterfall can offer a refreshing place for animals like birds, frogs, and squirrels to stop and cool off.

Low Maintenance

Unlike other additions you can make to your backyard, most water features are very low maintenance. The majority of them will recycle their own water through built-in pumps. The quality of the water in these features isn’t as important as it would be for a pool, which makes them much easier to maintain. You may need occasional maintenance of the pumps, pipes, and drains, but it will be much less than some other landscaping features.


As mentioned earlier, one of the reasons homeowners love water features is that the sound can be very soothing. In fact, the sound of gently flowing water has been proven to reduce stress. After an especially long day at work, it can be very beneficial to relax near your water feature and kick back for a little while. This intangible benefit will easily make the investment worthwhile.

Reduce Noise Pollution

Along with being relaxing, the sounds of falling or moving water can also drown out the typical neighborhood noises in your outdoor living area. Things like the sound of cars driving by, the chatter of next-door neighbors, or even dogs barking can sometimes get very frustrating. Along with privacy from plants or fences, a water feature can block out some of these noises, creating an even more tranquil environment.

Examples of Water Features for Patios

Sure there are some cheap water features you can purchase off the shelf at a home improvement store, but there are also many ways you can create your own, personal feature.

Small Backyard Pond

A small pond is enjoyable for adults and children alike. You can use elements like pebbles, stones, flowering plants, and ferns around your bond to create a very natural-looking pond. You can choose to fill it with water plants, koi fish, or river rocks, depending on what you prefer. If you do choose a koi pond, just make sure it is large enough for the fish to grow and live comfortably.  They also eat plants, so you’ll want to add non-toxic greenery to the pond like water lilies or water lettuce.


One of the easiest and most affordable water features for patios is a birdbath. Since they require no pumps, filters, or expensive installation, they are a very budget-friendly choice. In addition, they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You are sure to find an option that fits into your space and matches your style.

Traditional Fountain

A fountain is likely what you first think of when it comes to water features for your patio. Often common in a home’s front yard, they can fit anywhere in your landscape. There are many different types of fountains available like pipe fountains, disappearing fountains, spouting fountains, and self-contained fountains. From very contemporary to extremely traditional, there are also plenty of options for fountains in your yard as well.

Swimming Pool

For those on a big budget and with plenty of space to spare, adding a swimming pool as a backyard water feature is a no-brainer. A pool can offer a relaxing place to spend a summer afternoon or an eventful location to host parties! If you are looking to improve your yard visually as well as functionally, make sure you consider the design of your pool. A beach entrance, rock waterfall, or even bubblers can create an attractive appearance, even when the pool may not be in use.


Waterfalls can be paired with a pond or a swimming pool, but can also act as a stand-alone water feature. A waterfall without a pond takes up much less room and can be an excellent choice for homeowners dealing with a smaller space. As with most other water feature options, you can choose a design that is rustic, modern, traditional, or anything in between.


Streams can come in a variety of sizes. They could be as narrow as a brook or as wide as a creek. A flowing water feature can instantly make your outdoor area more inviting and relaxing. You can line the bank with river rocks for a natural look or clean lines of concrete for a modern look. Incorporating a stream that runs through your yard can also open up the opportunity to add other features like a bridge or waterfall.

Splash Pad

When you think of a splash pad, you probably think of a public park or water park. They provide a safe way for children to cool off without the risk of drowning due to standing water. Many homeowners consider these an attractive option when incorporated into a pool deck or other outdoor living area. They can easily be turned on during playtime or during parties and then turned off when that space needs to be used for something else.


If you are considering a splash pad, it is best to decide early on in the landscaping process. This type of water feature needs to be incorporated into any hardscape you have in your backyard. These are an expensive addition to a yard as they require a pump, filter, nozzles, holding tank, chlorinator, and a slip-resistant surface. The contractors who install these features need to know how to run electricity, install plumbing, and build a patio.

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