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Enhance Your Commercial Property’s Outdoor Area with These Great Yard Features 

Do you have an outdoor property that needs some enhancement? Then you are in luck! As a property owner, it is crucial to know all of the tricks you can use to increase the value of your property. Studies have shown that enhancing landscaping can reduce stress, build teams, and promote a greater work environment. Whether your property is a corporate park, office, or homeowner’s association, people love utilizing outdoor spaces.  In this article, we will show you several commercial landscape ideas you can use to increase your cash flow and decrease your expenses, thereby increasing the overall value of your commercial property landscaping. 

Commercial landscape ideas to consider: 

1. Shade Structures 

Outdoor seating is the most functional and comfortable when it offers a cool place to work or relax. For commercial property landscaping that lacks a natural canopy, installing shade structures will provide a necessary reprieve from the hot sun. There are a lot of styles out there! From beautiful pergola structures that support climbing plants to canvas sail-like covers that add a modern aesthetic. Oversized umbrellas can provide coverage for a table and chairs space. 

2. Fire Pits and Water Features 

The same commercial property landscaping elements that lend that retreat feeling at home find their way to corporate office properties. Fire pits with seating are informal, engaging places to stage a brainstorming meeting or host employees and clients. Water is a great natural appeal to the senses and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Or, water spaces can promote play when splash pads are included at home properties. 

3. Vertical Farms 

Vertical farms are a new idea that has become more and more popular. A traditional farm or garden may not be feasible for your property. However, Copiana makes incorporating an aeroponic farm easy and maintenance-free. Their space-saving farms can grow indoors or outdoors year-round. If you’re ready to grow the value of your office complex with green space that is fresh and flexible, contact us today to figure out how you can create your own customized aeroponic farm solution. 

What are the benefits of commercial property landscaping? 

There are quite a few therapeutic benefits that result from being outdoors, as revealed by health researchers, including: 

  • Mental Health Benefits: Studies have shown that those who live close to natural spaces and spend a lot of time in them are less likely to suffer from anxiety or depression. 
  • Heart and stress benefits: Another study found that people who spend time in a forest hiking or just relaxing have measurably lower heart rates and blood pressure. 
  • ADD & ADHD improvements: Studies have shown that those ADD/ADHD experience a reduction of symptoms after spending time outdoors. 
  • Sleep improvement and longevity: Improvements in sleep, better immune system function, and lower rates of stress-related disorders are all benefits enjoyed by those who spend regular time in nature. All of these benefits can be reasons why regular gardeners live longer. Additionally, these benefits are why the practice of “forest bathing” (spending time in the forest) has become popular in Japan. So popular, in fact, that it is even covered by some medical plans! 

No matter what, having an area with commercial property landscaping can be super restful and restorative. How you do it is entirely up to you- whether you prefer to sit and watch plants and wildlife, or listen to birds and gentle breezes- having an outdoor space during work is so important. 

A couple of things to keep in mind: 

As you begin to develop your outdoor living space concept and plan your design around how you look to commune with nature, consider the two key design factors of location and view. Where you locate your space and what you will see are crucial factors. Here are some questions to ask yourself”: 

  • What do you and your coworkers want to do when you are in this outdoor space? 
  • Are you and your coworkers walkers and would love a garden that you can stroll through? 
  • Are you and your coworkers sitters and want a place to relax with a morning cup of coffee, look at flowers/ water features/ listen to birds? 

This will help you get a good idea of your focal points and ideas – centers of the activity or visual elements. 

If you have a lot of sun in your area and want some shade, you may want to place some shrubs to filter the light and heat but also provide beauty. You may prefer to create a natural environment with plants surrounding you to provide beauty and privacy. Or perhaps you’ll want to define the space with a low wall that frames it while providing an unhindered view. If you enjoy spending time outdoors in winter, you’ll want to include plants that provide winter beauty.  This can include interesting, colored bark and branches, dried foliage, or graceful shapes and textures. Architectural features such as walls, fences, gazebos, arches, and sculptures can also add off-season visual interest. 

Think outside the box and include some outdoor features that encourage employees and visitors to get out, gather and get to know each other. Property owners who enhance their landscape find that people love using these spaces. That’s beneficial for employee morale and tenant occupancy rates. If you want to talk more about how you can add an engaging outdoor enhancement to your commercial property landscaping, contact Arbeen Landscaping at 630-280-4239, or fill out this simple contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you. For more commercial landscape ideas, visit our website at


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