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How Local Landscapers Can Transform Your Backyard

Is your backyard boring or just a patch of grass and nothing else? Is your outdoor dining area comprised of a couple of yard chairs? And the outdoor kitchen a grill that is stored on the side of the house? Do you spend too much time watching HGTV or scrolling through landscaping pictures on your phone, wishing your yard looked better? If your backyard is in need of a transformation, local landscapers, such as the professionals at Abreen Landscaping can work to create the backyard you’ve been dreaming of. 

A backyard transformation doesn’t need to start from scratch or be a whole yard makeover. Landscapers can work with homeowners to upgrade or replace existing elements. Or they can add new areas to a backyard. And if they want, they can tear the whole yard up and start from scratch to create something completely new. The amount of transformation your yard goes through is up to you, your budget, and your timeline. 

How Local Landscapers Can Transform Your Backyard

Basics of Backyard Designs 

There might be an assumption that local landscapers focus just on plant life – the grass, the flowers, the shrubs, and the trees. In reality, landscaping includes all parts of an outdoor living space – from the grass under your feet to the pergola above your head. Here are some common elements of backyard design

  • Softscape refers to the living elements of a landscape design: plants, flowers, and shrubs. 
  • Hardscape includes nonliving elements: rocks, patios, water features, decks, and so on. Unlike the softscape, hardscape elements do not rely on the seasons and are generally only chance due to standard wear. 
  • Evergreen plants are plants that stay green year-round. These plants can withstand the harsh Chicago winters better than seasonal flowers. 
  • Decks and patios are similar, the main difference being decks are raised, and patios are usually ground level. Decks are often made of wood, while patios are often made out of brick or pavers. 
  • Pergolas are structures usually made of wood or vinyl with an open roof and sides. They provide some level of shade and privacy, especially when paid with some form of drapery. 
  • Retaining walls can add functional design to any backyard. They prevent erosion, create flat surfaces on a hilly landscape, and can serve as an ethically appealing design element. 

Backyards have evolved to be much more than just a yard. Backyard designs can feature entire outdoor living spaces including outdoor kitchens, bars, seating and dining areas, and outdoor televisions are even gaining in popularity. A well-designed backyard can be your sanctuary

When working with local landscapers to transform your backyard, you’ll need to consider your needs: are you big entertainers who need space to socialize? Is grilling your favorite way to cook a meal? Do you have children who need a grassy area to play? 

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Popular Backyard Ideas Based on Your Needs

As with any home design project, there are a lot of different backyard ideas to choose from. Taking a look at your existing environment and your needs can help determine which landscaping pictures should be your inspiration. 

For the social butterfly who loves to entertain, consider a space with a larger focus on socialization. There should be room for lots of seating. Maybe an outdoor wet bar, or even a full outdoor kitchen, to keep the food and drinks flowing for all your events. Consider lighting options for nighttime gatherings. If music is important, make sure to include a power source or even built-in speakers so the party can keep going. 

If there are children in your life, either your own or grandkids, nieces and nephews, or friends that frequent your backyard, having a family-friendly outdoor space where they can run around and get their energy out is ideal. Even if you don’t have the room, or the desire, for a large patch of grass, even something small can make a big impact. Grassy areas can also serve adults for popular activities such as volleyball, frisbee, or talking the dog out to do his business. 

Is there a pool in your backyard? Or do you plan to install one? Local landscapers can include your pool in their design ideas, and use it as a design element. The pool can be a focal point of the yard, or the attention can be drawn away from the pool onto another living area. 

When working with local landscapers to design your new backyard, you’ll need to keep some environmental considerations in mind. Do you live in a noisy area, with little space between neighbors? The right type of landscaping can act as a sound barrier and a privacy fence, without the actual fence. Determining how much sun your yard gets will not only help determine which types of plants will thrive but can impact the design of your outdoor living areas. Do you need a pergola, or strategically placed trees, to provide some relief from the sun? 

Professional landscapers will consider your needs, your environment, and your existing backyard to create the perfect outdoor living space for you and your family to enjoy. 

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What Local Landscapers Can Do 

Local landscapers are not just the folks who manage the plants, they are landscape designers. Our team at Arbeen Landscaping works with all of our customers to design the perfect outdoor space for them. A professional landscape team is comprised of technicians who specialize in hardscape, softscape, trees, shrubs, or even irrigation. Landscape companies may also have a dedicated landscape architect to design the projects. Abreen Landscaping has been in the business since mowing lawns in high school. Landscaping is our passion. When you’re ready to transform your backyard into a fresh, new space, we’re ready to do all the heavy lifting – patio pavers aren’t that light.  

Once Arbeen Landscaping is done with your backyard, it’ll be your landscaping pictures others are using for their backyard ideas. If you’re in need of a backyard transformation in the Chicago area, contact us to get to work.

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