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Commercial Landscaping for Educational Facilities

The Best Commercial Landscaping for Educational Facilities

Educational facilities like schools, district buildings, and education administration are all places of learning. These buildings often reflect an aura of sophistication. Landscaping is definitely important for most places of work, but landscaping for schools is extremely important. When it comes to keeping the school grounds clean, maintained, and looking beautiful, there are no comparisons to a well-kept schoolyard. This not only upholds the standards of education, but it also keeps students safe. Schools have some of the largest grounds of any building, and they are also some of the most used. Having a well-kept and landscaped schoolyard is a great way for educational facilities to tell teachers, parents, and children alike that they care. 

Landscaping Value

There is evidence to suggest that landscaping adds quite a bit of value to homes, buildings, and commercial property. This means that adding high-quality landscaping adds to the overall value of the building and property without huge renovations. Most landscaping jobs can be completed in a relatively short period of time and can greatly improve a building’s overall appeal. Landscaping design can make the most out of any size yard, and it truly boosts curb appeal for businesses as well. Many people choose to “judge a book by its cover”, and landscaping really makes a difference in how people perceive a place of business or home. Luckily, making the most of a yard or outdoor space can be simple with the proper design. 

Why Schools?

Schools are meant to be safe spaces that uphold learning and help students thrive. The school buildings should reflect the same vision, that they care about their students and want to help them grow. What message does it convey to parents if the grass outside the school won’t even grow? Beautiful school grounds are a must. They also convey a message of safety and a clean environment. Luckily, most landscaping for schools is simple and doesn’t need to be extreme in any way. Most school landscaping should be minimal, partially for student safety. If the school grounds are overgrown with bushes and large trees or plants, this attracts bugs and makes the school grounds harder to clean. For schools with younger students, this could cause injury as they play. School landscaping is all about a clean, simple, and safe message. 

Grass Lawns

Most schoolyards have grass lawns or fields. These are critical to maintain and care for. If a grass lawn is not kept up, it will grow too tall and attract bugs and rodents. Longer grass can also hide things like rocks or trash. If the yard is not maintained, it can also get bald patches and weeds, which are tripping hazards. Having holes in the school landscaping lawns is never a good idea. Every school needs landscaping maintenance services for these reasons, and more.

Other Educational Facilities

Other educational buildings like district facilities or other administration buildings have a different role than schools. While children don’t need to play there, the buildings still should exude a similar feeling of safety and simplicity. Most administrative buildings have minimal landscaping like simple grass lawns with flowers and maybe a few trees. These are easy to maintain as well but need monthly or bi-weekly care. These may have different design features like water fountains that draw some attention as well. Well-designed landscaping for schools and district buildings alike is often designed to show that the district cares about its students and teachers. Landscaping is a great way to convey a message without specifically saying it. 

Landscape Maintenance Services 

Once a school gets a beautiful school landscape, it would be a shame if it were destroyed or damaged. Unfortunately, children are hard on grass and other school landscaping. Some schools have play areas with wood chips or gravel, which sometimes migrates into the landscaping areas. Landscape maintenance services are extremely important because these areas are regularly maintained, they won’t fall into disrepair and need replacing as often. For larger schools like high schools, the playing fields need to stay maintained as well to stay within sports regulations as well. Landscape maintenance services for schools are just another integral part of schools that keep everything functioning properly. 

Winter Maintenance 

In places like Chicago, schools need snow and ice removal as part of school landscape maintenance as well. If the ice and snow are not removed, they can cause damage to sidewalks and other outdoor features. Ice also causes serious danger for students of all ages. Injuries on school property are very difficult to deal with, especially when they are due to the neglect of the school district. For a district to prepare for winter maintenance, they need to have the right company to take care of their issues with ice and snow as they arise. Caring for the school grounds in this way also shows the students and their parents that the district cares about their safety and well-being, no matter the weather or time of year. 

What Makes Good Landscaping Services?

For educational facilities, good landscaping services are ones that can do it all. If a school or district needs landscape design, repair, maintenance, and more, they should look for a company that can take care of all of those needs. It is already quite a bit of work, so finding separate companies to do all of those jobs would take quite some time. Finding the right company that has the hours that fit a school district is also ideal. Most schools don’t want the landscaping crew there during school hours unless they don’t have the kids outside. Good landscaping services also cover snow and ice removal and take care of it all with ease. The best commercial landscaping for educational facilities is also one that is worth the price, so give us a call today for a free estimate on our services, for home, commercial, or school landscaping. We can take care of it all, for a great price as well! 

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