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Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for the Best Summer BBQs

If you want to have the best summer BBQs and make all the other neighborhood families jealous, then you are going to need the best outdoor kitchen ideas. Arbeen Landscaping specializes in designing outdoor kitchens for suburban Chicago homeowners. We can outfit you with the ideal outdoor grill so you can cook up some burger, brats, and hot dogs in no time. Make the most of your outdoor space and host the best summer BBQs with the help of the experts at Arbeen Landscaping! 

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for the Best Summer BBQs 

Summer is the best time for us in the Chicago area to enjoy BBQs in your backyard. If you are looking to update your outdoor living area for summer and add an outdoor grill or even a complete outdoor kitchen, we are ready to help. An outdoor grill or kitchen is the ideal complement for your professional landscaping work, adds a focal point to your yard, and creates a usable and functional space for you, your family and friends to enjoy all summer long. We’ll tell you some ways to move the party outdoors and create a space for cooking and entertaining. 

Benefits of Adding an Outdoor Grill to Your Yard

Create an outdoor grill station that will be the envy of your neighbors at all your summer BBQs! There are several benefits to adding an outdoor grill to your yard. 

Reduces Costs 

Though of course there is an upfront cost to adding an outdoor grill or kitchen to your yard, in the long term you can save money on your A/C bills by cooking outside. 

Reduces Cooking Smells in Your Home

Do you know that feeling when you fry up some bacon or some burgers and the smell lingers in your house for the rest of the day or night? Well, cooking outside allows all those unpleasant smells to simply dissipate into the air. This helps prevent those lingering cooking smells before they even start. 

Extend Your Living Space

An outdoor cooking space (especially if you also have some tables and chairs to eat at!) helps extend your living space outside the walls of your home, in an extremely functional way. 

Promotes Healthy Eating

Most barbecued food isn’t just delicious, it’s also healthy! There is no oil to add extra fat and calories and no heavy breading or frying to weigh down the grilled meat, which makes grilling a healthy way to cook. If you want to promote healthy eating for your family, add a grill to your add and throw on some chicken and veggies. 

Add Value to Your Home

Professional landscaping isn’t the only upgrade that can help your property value. If you add a more extravagant outdoor kitchen to your yard, it can actually increase the value of your home. Outdoor kitchens are a new and desirable feature for many home buyers in the Chicagoland area. 

Host the Best BBQs

Of course, the best reason to add an outdoor grill to your home: so you can host the best summer BBQs that your neighbors won’t stop talking about! Or, simply enjoy more time outside with your family in a new way. Grilling is a sociable activity that brings people together, whether you’re cooking up a simple dinner, hosting a party, or making s’mores as a late-night treat. 

Grill Ideas and Tips

Here are some grill ideas and tips from the experts at Arbeen Landscaping for adding an outdoor grill to your yard. 

Choose the Right Spot

If you’re a year-round griller, you might want to make sure you put your grill near the door so that you can run out and check on your food, even on chilly evenings, without having to go too far. Or, if you’re only a summertime griller, you can put the grill farther from your home and create a space to enjoy socializing in your backyard.

Add a Pergola to House Your Grill

If you want to elevate your outdoor grilling station, consider enclosing your grilling patio with a pergola. A pergola can shade you and your guests from the sun, which is particularly welcome on the hot July days when you’re standing around the fiery grill. (Plus, it never hurts to have a roof over your grill to protect your new grill and yourself from Chicago’s many elements!) 

Add a Pizza Oven

Skip ordering the Lou Malnati’s and instead, make a pizza in your very own outdoor pizza oven! A pizza oven is a hot new trend in the outdoor kitchen world. 

Build in a Bar 

For some extra fun, build an outdoor bar so you can mix up cocktails for your friends without having to go back and forth in and outside. 

Add Some Outdoor Lighting

Don’t forget to add some ambiance to your new outdoor living space with some outdoor lighting. Not only does landscape lighting give off a cool vibe when you entertain, they also make it a safer place for your friends and family.

Consider Creating an Outdoor Cooking Station

Have you always wanted a Benihana in your backyard? Then you need an outdoor cooking station installed by Arbeen Landscaping. It is best to leave the construction and installation of an outdoor cooking station in your yard to the experts. 

But don’t worry: an outdoor kitchen doesn’t necessarily need to be hardscaped into your backyard. If a built-in fancy outdoor kitchen isn’t within your budget or timeline for this year, consider adding a freestanding cooking station or some other options to make the most of your outdoor living space

Arbeen Landscaping Has the Best Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for the Best Summer BBQs

You know us as your local great landscapers, but we are also capable of installing amazing features like outdoor grills and kitchens to your outdoor living space. If you are looking for a new grill or outdoor kitchen, your best bet is hiring Arbeen Landscaping. We love turning our clients’ dreams into reality. Whether you want a simple outdoor grilling situation or a full outdoor kitchen, we can help you install the outdoor kitchen area of your dreams so you can host the perfect summer BBQs. 

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