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Landscaping Border Ideas

Landscaping Border Ideas To Make Your Edging Look Great

Having a beautiful yard takes a lot of effort and preparation, but there are a few simple ways to upgrade your yard in a simple, easy way. One of these is by having garden edging and landscape borders! The addition of landscape borders is relatively easy and can make a big difference, especially if you have flower beds or a garden. 


Landscape Borders 

Before you get started on creating beautiful garden borders or edging, it is important to understand what they are. Landscape borders are used to create lines in your yard and separations between various features. This could look like a border separating grass from a flower bed. These borders can be made of different materials like wood, stone, and metal. You could also make a landscape border out of other kinds of landscaping materials, like garden boxes or pathways. These can be inexpensive or very pricey depending on what you want and what you are willing to spend. However, your yard design and landscaping can always be created to fit your budget.


Kinds of Borders 

With the many kinds of garden borders and landscape edging, there are reasons why you might choose one over another. Learning about each kind and what options are available can help you make the best decision for your outdoor living spaces


Stone Borders

One of the most common garden borders or edging is stone because it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to care for is stone or concrete edging. Brick edging can also fall into this category. While it is beautiful and easy to care for, it doesn’t always make the best edging. If it is not placed with a raised edge, plants can grow over them. If they are not well placed, weeds and grass can grow in between them as well. Concrete edging is a good option for this as it does not have as many cracks where grasses or weeds can grow. They may also not be the best option for grass if you don’t have an edge trimmer, because it can be hard to mow the grass right up to the line. These are best placed in yards to separate flower beds or be a garden border, because you can easily divide things and place other filler like dirt or wood chips around them. 


Wood Borders

Wood dividers are inexpensive and easy to replace if damaged, and they are very versatile for decorating your yard. The best way to use wood would be to create raised garden beds, almost creating the illusion of garden boxes. You can also stain them to match your fence or outdoor furniture. The biggest problem with wooden garden edging is that it can mold, get dirty, and can be difficult to clean. 


Metal Edging

Metal garden edging adds a beautiful and sleek look to any yard. There are various kinds that will match your aesthetic. These work great year-round and will last many years. One of the problems you may find is that if you have small children or pets, these borders can have sharp edges that they may stumble and hurt themselves on. Also, if they are not properly sealed, they can rust or the paint may flake off over time. However, a quality piece of metal edging can last for a long time and be an attractive, simple divider. 


Plastic Edging

An inexpensive and variable edging product is sometimes overlooked in plastic. You can get 100% recycled edging that is eco-friendly and easy to maintain that will actually be one of the ideal separators for grass edges. These can match your decorative style easily and come in many colors. Sometimes you don’t even have to dig for these, but they will obviously be less sturdy and may break over time. Plastic often becomes brittle in the sun and heat or after many winters outside, so be aware that you may need to replace it after a few years. However, plastic edging is also a great option for safety for children or pets as it is often rounded and will not cut or injure anyone. 


Other Options

If you can think of it, there are borders available in most mediums for your selection, all with various pros and cons. Some people like to use flowers as borders, use garden lights, build miniature fences, and more. 


How to Create a Landscape Border 

When you begin to design your yard and put in landscape borders, it is important to consider your budget and layout and measure your space. You may only need a certain amount of border, so try not to buy much more than you need. Most flower bed edging or grass edging requires that a ditch be dug before placement, so make sure you have the right tools or hire a company that can install it for you. Always use caution when digging in your yard! You may also find that the ground is hard and needs preparation. You may need to lay down special material to avoid plants from growing under the borders or around them. If done incorrectly it could affect your drainage and harm your yard. Follow the instructions on the packaging, as some borders require special placement. 


Edging Tips and Tricks 

When you get ready to design your yard, think about how certain borders will look together. You should purchase garden edging that compliments your yard and matches your fence color or home aesthetic. If you match it incorrectly, it could look tacky and stand out in a bad way. You can sometimes purchase sample pieces to see what would look best. Don’t just buy some in the store and bring it home to put up! Make the effort to measure and prepare, and your yard will reflect that effort. If you are too busy to take care of it yourself, or you aren’t sure where to start, hire someone you trust to design and maintain your yard to perfection! Every home can have an attractive and beautiful yard no matter your budget or time constraints.

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