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How to Find Retaining Wall Contractors Near Me

Working on a landscaping project is more than just determining what plants and grasses to use, and designing a patio. One often overlooked part of landscaping design is retaining walls. Retaining walls are a civil engineering creation used to increase the functionality of outdoor space. Searching for a “retaining wall contractor near me” can provide necessary information on when a retaining wall is needed, different options for design and style, knowing when a slope needs a retaining wall, and how to add a retaining wall to your landscape or hardscape design. 

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What is a Retaining Wall? 

The general purpose of retaining walls is to retain. Retain what? Usually, a retaining wall is installed to retain soil and other ground materials. Retaining walls hold back soil and prevent it from sliding or eroding due to simple gravity, rain, or other factors. Retaining walls protect the landscape and prevent the loss of soil from making its way into nearby bodies of water or drainage systems. Other purposes of retaining walls are structural support, terracing, food control, and simple aesthetics.

Retaining walls can provide structural support to resist the pressure of the retained material, helping to lower the risk of small landslides or collapses. Structural support is especially important along roadways. 

In a hilly yard, retaining walls can serve multiple functions: holding back soil, and creating flat terraced sections of yard. Flatter sections are easier to manage, maintain, and use for gardening or building structures.  

Retaining walls don’t have to just be functional. There can be an aesthetic purpose of retaining walls, as well as protecting the landscape. They can be built to blend in more with the design of the property or stand out as a type of accent piece. 

If you’re in an area prone to flooding or high levels of rainfall, a retaining wall can also help with managing, containing, and redirecting water. 

When Does a Slope Need a Retaining Wall? 

While retaining walls can add interesting elements to your hardscaping, they are also built out of necessity. When does a slope need a retaining wall? Generally, a retaining wall is needed when a slope is at a 35-degree angle. The need for a retaining wall can also depend on the soil composition, environment and climate conditions, and location of the project. Local and state building codes can provide specific requirements about when a slop needs a retaining wall. Building codes tend to contain a lot of specifics, details, and numbers and they can be an information overload. It’s best to consult with a professional, like the professional team at Abreen Landscaping, to determine when does a slope need a retaining wall and if your project will require one. 

The Different Types of Retaining Walls 

There are multiple options in design and material for retaining walls. Specific designs and materials can serve specific purposes, depending on the actual needs and size of the retaining wall. The most common type of retaining wall, especially in residential landscaping, is Gravity walls. Gravity walls include a vertical stand and backfill for the area between the soil and the vertical stand. Common materials for gravity walls include concrete, bricks, timber, and wooden block.  Other types of retaining walls include reinforced retaining walls, cantilever retaining walls, counterfort walls, and crib retaining walls. Each type of retaining wall is designed specifically for its needs. 

Other than gravity walls, reinforced walls are some of the more traditional styles of retaining walls. They are often used for the edges of tunnels and bridges, and can even be seen in some historical engineering structures. They are less common in landscaping projects. Some of the other less common retaining wall styles are designed to retain heavier loads or have more flood protection. Others are better suited to protect roadways. 

Assuming your retaining wall needs are simply to protect your landscape from erosion, or maybe to protect from erosion and create a usable terrace structure, you’ll probably stick to a typical gravity wall. Whatever your needs, the experts at Arbeen Landscaping can help determine the best style and design for a retaining wall. 

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Retaining Wall Contractors Near Me

If your landscaping project requires a retaining wall, it’s best to work with a professional retaining wall contractor. When looking for “retaining wall contractors near me,” there are a few things to keep in mind. 

Service area: make sure contractors you’re looking into service your location. Arbeen Landscaping serves the Chicago suburbs including Aurora, Batavia, Brookfield, Burr Ridge, Carol Stream, Claredon Hills, Darien, Downers Grove, Geneva, Glen Ellyn, Hinsdale, La Grange, Lemont, Lisle, Lombard, Lyons, Montgomery, Naperville, Oswego, Oak Brook, Plainfield, St. Charles, Westmont,  Wheaton, Yorkville. 

Residential v. Commercial Landscaping: some professionals focus only on residential projects or commercial landscaping projects. Make sure your contractor serves the right type of project. Abreen Landscaping works on both residential and commercial projects. 

Experience: You’ll want a contractor with enough landscaping and hardscaping experience to build your retaining wall. Arbeen Landscaping has been in the business since high school, starting with mowing lawns before eventually expanding to all areas of landscaping and hardscaping. 

Skill: Check out a potential contractor’s reviews, and social media pages to explore their skill level and style. 

Timeline: If you have a tight timeline for your project, you’ll need to consider the availability of a contractor. Do you need your backyard finished before a graduation party you’re hosting? Or do you want it all taken care of before summer barbeque season? Comparing your timeline with any potential contractors’ availability can help narrow down which retaining wall contractor near you you’ll hire. 

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Retaining Wall Contractors in Chicago 

If you’re looking for a professional landscaping company to help you understand your retaining wall needs, Arbeen Landscaping might be the best fit for you. We have served Chicago’s suburbs for years in the area and would be happy to take care of your landscaping needs. If you have any questions about retaining walls or our services at Arbeen Landscaping, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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