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Backyard Privacy Ideas for Screening Out the Neighbors



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Our homes are our sanctuaries, providing privacy and solace from the hectic day-to-day world. Creating a private and tranquil outdoor space where you can relax with family and guests isn’t difficult. It just takes some planning! If you need some more inexpensive ideas to block your neighbor’s view, Arbeen Landscaping can be just the solution you need! Check out these backyard privacy ideas to learn how the right combination of fencing, landscaping, and structures can create a great oasis anywhere in your backyard.

Simple and Easy Ways to Block Your Neighbor’s View 

Here are some effective and simple ways to block your neighbor’s view to create some distance between your neighbors. 

Staggered Wooden Boards 

One of the best backyard fence ideas is staggered wooden boards. You can stain staggered wooden boards in soft shades of black, yellow, green, and red. They create a unique privacy fence softened by shrubs in front and a feathery tree canopy overhead. 

Hedges for Privacy 

Hedges are a backyard fence idea that can provide year-round screening. Additionally, they are usually not restricted by municipal ordinances limiting their height. In areas where space is tight, such as a side yard, fast-growing columnar evergreens like Italian Cypress can provide an easy solution for separating yards or blocking sight lines out a kitchen window. 

Layered Privacy Plantings 

In larger yards, planting a mix of evergreen trees, shrubs or perennials can create a more natural look, especially if you layer the plants in odd numbers. Planting shade trees is an excellent way to obscure a neighbor’s view from a second-story window or terrace. When positioned over a deck or patio, the canopy provides privacy and shade in the summer. The trees’ bare branches allow the sun to shine into the house in the winter. 

When planning your landscape, choose from fast-growing tree varieties such as Eucalyptus, Sycamore, Weeping Willow, and evergreens. Evergreens provide total privacy all year round, and the same goes for shrubbery and hedges. Planting a tall, evergreen hedge is a natural look. Hedges also decrease neighborhood noise and reduce harsh winds. American Arborvitae, Green Giant Arborvitae, Emerald Arborvitae, and wax myrtle are popular choices and can grow to more than 10’ in height. These hedges must be trimmed and manicured, or they might grow too high. Prune hedges regularly promote health, growth, and density. Once per month during the growing season should be adequate to keep the hedge at peak growth and looking its best! 

You can create a bamboo screen by planting bamboo trees instead of building a fence, depending on your climate. Bamboo grows quickly and is a good green alternative to regular fencing. When using bamboo for a privacy screen, be sure and plant the clumping variety in the ground. The roots of this type clump together and don’t invade the surrounding area as quickly as the “running” type, which can spread rapidly out of control around your yard or your neighbors’ yards. Avoid this type unless planted in deep trenches or plastic or stone planters so it cannot spread out of control! 

Container Gardens for Deck Privacy 

Potted plants can make a good coverup on a raised deck seating area. Ideally, pots should be raised on casters or made of lightweight materials so you can easily move them for parties or deck repairs. 

Fences and Walls 

Newly installed pools, patios, and playgrounds can require a visual buffer in a hurry. A 6-foot solid board fence is the quickest backyard fence idea. It may also be the best solution in a side yard, where space is tight since fences have a similar footprint to plantings. Board fences can often complement the home’s architecture, and you can even stain them to match the house. 

Stone Wall Topped With Fencing 

Another option is to install a stone wall. The wall, from a distance, is high enough to disrupt sight lines, while the openwork fence screens won’t feel claustrophobic. 

Masonry Walls With Ornamental Ironwork 

Similarly, a  masonry wall of stone or stucco that rises 5-6 feet high feels less oppressive when windows are cut into it. Ornamental ironwork decorates the openings. 

Panels and Pergolas 

Defined areas like small patios, outdoor kitchens, and decks are generally easier to screen than the whole yard. You can re-create the intimate feeling of eating or entertaining indoors while still enjoying beautiful weather by building an enclosure. 

Lattice, Wood Panels, and Ornamental Ironwork 

You can place screens made from lattice, shutter-like wood panels, or sections of ornamental iron with anchoring posts into the ground to enclose a cozy corner or make a U-shaped structure that preserves desirable views. 

Use Fountains to Mask Noise 

Even if you do not see eye to eye with the neighbors, you might still be close enough to hear their conversation. Or you may be bothered by intrusive traffic noise or buzzing AC compressors. In such cases, adding a function to your privacy plan can mask unwanted sounds with pleasant white noise. 

How Can I Get Privacy Without a Fence? 

Fences are usually the first solution that comes to mind for this type of situation. But there are also many backyard privacy ideas without a fence, from putting in perimeter plantings to stone walls or garden structures. 

What Can I Use to Block My Neighbors View? 

Outdoor screens, metal fences, and hanging curtains are just some of the many ways to block your neighbor’s view. Moreover, planting big trees, shrubs, and hanging greeneries on the walls are some of the many ways to block your neighbors’ views. 

What Can I Put on Top of My Fence for More Privacy? 

Be sure to follow the laws on fence heights in your neighborhood! Add large planters and climbers on top of the fence to block the neighbor’s view and have more privacy. Also, grow tall plants on the borders to stop the neighbor’s view. 

Having a sophisticated and maintained landscape design can significantly increase your property value. Landscaping for homeowners can be profitable and also provide a source of pride and satisfaction. Many people also enjoy having an attractive yard to relax or gather with friends. A pleasing exterior to your storefront or office building can attract customers if you are a business owner. If you need more assistance with ways to block your neighbor’s view, reach out to Arbeen Landscaping! 




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