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Starting Landscaping From Scratch

Beginner’s Guide to Starting Landscaping From Scratch

Why Should You Invest in Learning How to Landscape? 

When broaching the topic of landscaping, many immediately assume that it only refers to garden design or lawn mowing services. In fact, when starting landscaping from scratch, most of these people either do not know or do not have the resources when learning how to landscape their area. 

The landscaping planning process involves planning for anything that modifies or enhances the land around your residential or commercial property. Yard planning, including practical features such as underground drainage systems and physical comforts like brick patios and firepits, are all part of landscaping. Although starting landscaping from scratch may seem simple at first, learning how to landscape well visually and cost-effectively takes time and expertise. Companies such as Arbeen Landscaping offer professional, budget-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing landscaping services for your residential or commercial property.

Stages of a Landscaping Plan

Design, installation, and maintenance are several stages when forming your landscaping plan. Each step hosts its own specific tasks when considering how to landscape your space. Whether you have decided to overhaul your entire backyard, make a kid-safe space, or include a water feature like a pond or swimming pool, these steps will ensure a smooth planning process:

  • Design – The first step of landscaping involves designing a landscaping experience that fits your vision and, most importantly, your budget. Arbeen Landscaping has the expertise to guide you in your landscaping planning process. Whether pondering irrigation and mowing maintenance or debating which plants are best for your yard, our experience in the Chicago area will provide you with expert recommendations.
  • Installation – Once you have designed your ideal landscape, you need to transform the vision into a reality. In this stage, we install landscapes and hardscapes – anything from brick patios to outdoor lighting. While this stage may not look the prettiest, the result will be stunning.
  • Maintenance – After installing your desired landscape that appears magical to the eye, you must remember that the landscape planning process is never-ending. Your area may encounter disastrous weather like a hurricane, or your property may sit at the bottom of a hill with poor drainage.

Regardless of the circumstance, while we promise to create a landscape with these scenarios in mind, we cannot always ensure the outcome remains indefinitely the same. Therefore, maintenance is vital when considering how to keep your property looking its best! We offer lawn care services and maintenance checks to keep your outdoor space thriving. If you want to keep your space the same or even modify it with various shrubbery throughout the seasons, we will always provide a professional and exceptional landscaping experience. 

Steps to Yard Landscaping from Scratch

In addition to working through the stages of yard planning, a few key steps to landscaping your yard from scratch include: 

  • Gather inspiration and determine your garden style. The company you are partnering with may even have a portfolio for examples.
  • Create a scaled drawing of your landscape. Proportion is key to effective yard planning.
  • Note your yard’s current condition and features, then create a wish list. Essentially, the wish list prioritizes which features you want most versus their cost and fit in your yard. 
  • Research how to landscape in the most professional, cost-efficient way. Partner with a professional landscaper to prevent rookie mistakes.

Residential Versus Commercial Landscaping

When prepping for your landscaping plan, you should know that there is a significant difference between residential and commercial landscaping. While they may experience some overlap, the scale of the landscaping and maintenance is where they begin to differ. 

  • Residential Landscaping – Residential landscapes have features that the residents of the house use. These features include backyards, gardens, small waterfalls, and brick paver patios. Residential and commercial landscapes have similar characteristics, such as pathways, play areas, and entertainment spaces.
  • Commercial Landscaping – Commercial landscaping differs from residential landscaping in that commercial spaces aim to generate money. To appeal to as many clients as possible, those seeking professional commercial landscaping often have a high budget and, therefore, also have more extensive features. 

Potential Landscaping Features

Deciding how to landscape your property can seem daunting at first, mainly if your property has never been professionally landscaped. However, starting landscaping from scratch does have its advantages, as you can design an entirely new space according to your preferences. When creating your landscaping plan, there are several main features to consider for the residential property: yard planning, living elements, and landscape lighting. Commercial properties have similar features, although they are on a grander scale. 

Yard Planning

Determining how to landscape your yard requires an eye for detail and aesthetic. While many enjoy focusing on the visual part of landscaping, you cannot have the ideal yard without considering the foundational services.

Drainage and mulch services serve as the framework of yard planning. Drainage system installation prevents soil erosion, standing water, mold, and lawn diseases. Since the Chicago area, in particular, experiences heavy rainfall, sleet, and snow, we encourage you to let us install a drainage system to prevent many future issues. 

Once you have your underground systems in place, layer mulch as the foundation of your yard, as mulch prevents weed growth and insects and consists of many materials from natural wood shavings to stone to straw. 

Living Features

To upgrade your outdoor living space, include a classic yet durable brick paver patio. When designing your yard plan, patios are an easy solution to separate your entertainment space from your green space. Patios such as these create a valuable space for other entertainment features, such as fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and custom hardscapes. These outdoor spaces not only increase your home value but also increase your mental health as you enjoy your time outdoors. 

Landscape Lighting

The last step to a stellar landscape plan involves landscape lighting. One of the most important factors, landscape lighting, uses expert methods to spotlight certain features in your outdoor space. Another useful benefit besides aesthetics: it also illuminates walkways and prevents intruders from trespassing

How to Landscape With Arbeen Landscaping

Arbeen Landscaping specializes in commercial and residential landscaping within the Chicago area. Whether you’re learning how to landscape your yard and require guidance, or call in the experts for commercial landscaping, Arbeen Landscaping provides the highest quality service. With a vast portfolio and innovative designs, Arbeen Landscaping will satisfy your needs and bring your landscape vision to life.

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