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Landscaping Ideas Where Grass Won’t Grow

Landscaping Ideas for Where Grass Won’t Grow

When you think of a perfectly manicured lawn, you might envision lots of green. This includes grass, bushes, trees, flowers, and other greenery because in most of the continental United States, grass tends to grow in abundance. However, just because the image of the ideal yard includes a lot of plants and vegetation, it doesn’t mean that a yard can’t flourish without these things. There are many landscaping ideas where grass won’t grow.

There are plenty of beautiful lawns across the country that incorporate small amounts or even no foliage across the property. So if you live in an area where not much greenery grows naturally or you just have a property that seems immune to growing grass, there are still options for you to create the yard of your dreams. In this article, we’ll discuss strategies to beautify your yard while working around a lack of grass and shrubbery. 

Front Yard Ideas With No Grass

First and foremost, you should consider the lack of naturally growing grass in your yard an opportunity to get creative rather than a loss. The picture-perfect yard can be time-consuming to cultivate and maintain. After all, grass needs to be regularly cut and kept up in order to continue looking pretty. This little quirk might end up saving you some time and money on landscapers in the long run. 

However, for front yard ideas with no grass, there are ways to make a yard appear as though you have real grass without the work. The first many people think of is artificial turf. This can be the simple solution if you really can’t let go of the all-American green yard image. Perhaps you find that there are more weeds popping up in your yard than actual grass and have tried everything to get it to grow with little success. 

There are plenty of benefits to artificial grass. The first is that it requires no maintenance. While neighbors and friends might complain about having to get out the lawnmower every week during the summer months, you can sit back and enjoy the couple of hours that artificial turf has given back to you. 

Additionally, artificial grass doesn’t require sunlight and won’t leave children and pets with exposure to unwanted bacteria or toxic chemicals associated with the regular care and upkeep of a real lawn. The money you put into artificial grass will also end up being cost-effective considering the longevity of the product.

No Grass Backyard Landscaping Ideas

If you’re okay with having a less verdant yard, there are plenty of other ways to create a yard that both catches the eye and makes it feel like an outdoor extension of your home. Creating an outdoor living space is a no grass backyard landscaping idea that’s a great way to cover up the fact that your yard doesn’t naturally grow grass. 

Hardscape solutions tend to be the best way to make a beautiful yard out of a barren area. If you’re not familiar with the term, hardscaping is a type of landscaping that incorporates solid materials outdoors. This includes stone, brick, concrete, wood, asphalt, and more. Pathways made from these materials as well as patios, decks, and walls all fall under the classification of hardscape landscaping. 

Hardscape is a part of landscaping that often goes overlooked. Installing a patio is a great way to take up space in your yard and create a space in which you and your family and friends can enjoy time outdoors. Many people who start out with infertile lawns go this route and even those with perfectly green lawns give up space to create an outdoor place to entertain.

If you have a large yard, you can create a patio space with an outdoor living room and an outdoor kitchen. Some people even install outdoor bars and fire pits. If you are someone who enjoys the outdoors but still wants the comfort of your home, installing a patio with these luxuries might be the solution for you. This is an especially beneficial solution for those who like to entertain friends and family often. 

Grassless Backyards

If you’re not much of an outdoors person and don’t want to convert your yard into a hangout space, there are other less costly solutions to having a grassless backyard. Instead of trying to get the green to pop out of your yard naturally, doing the opposite can actually help you. 

A simple solution to backyards that aren’t very verdant is to replace grass with gravel or stone. When properly done, stone and gravel can make your home look more modern and sophisticated. Small shocks of natural greenery amongst gravel or stone can be incredibly effective in creating a beautiful yard. 

You can even put raised planters in these types of yards and convert your lawn into a garden instead of struggling to work with the land underneath. Container gardens are less work than planting a garden in the actual ground and can create stunning and unique landscapes. 

No Grass? No Problem!

Just because a yard doesn’t have natural grass doesn’t mean that you can’t work around it to create a gorgeous landscape around your home anyway. In fact, this is an opportunity for you to really think about what you want your yard to be.

If you are someone who likes entertaining others, a patio and outdoor entertainment space could be the right choice for you. If you care more about the aesthetics of your yard than the functionality of the space, gravel or stone could be the solution for you. All of that said, there are a thousand ways to work around a grassless backyard or other outdoor space.

If you have any questions regarding your own yard, contact us at Arbeen Landscaping. We are a landscaping company that serves the Chicagoland area dedicated to achieving each client’s vision for their own yard through our strong attention to detail. If you live in the Chicago suburbs and are looking for a landscaping company to help find solutions for your yard, check out our website today.

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