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How to Design Your Front Yard

Tips to Design Your Front Yard

If you’re feeling uninspired about how to design your front yard, you’re not alone. Many homeowners struggle to decide how to landscape their homes in order to enhance both appearance and function. It might seem like there are too many options to choose from, but Arbeen Landscaping has the experience to help you with difficult landscaping decisions. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of plants in landscaping, some cool lawn features, as well as ways to landscape with limited space. 

Front Yard Landscaping

The perfect front yard is going to vary significantly from person to person. However, many people can agree that they want their yard to be beautiful and practical. They can also agree that their yard should not be too crowded with features, but it shouldn’t be boring either. With this in mind, consider how you want to use your front yard. If you plan on dedicating a lot of time to gardening and plants, they can be beautiful features to add to your yard with many benefits

Typically, plants included in front yards include trees, bushes, and flowers. For homeowners looking for a more unique front yard, consider including more exotic plants in your lawn. No matter the plant you choose, including them can really brighten up your yard. Especially if they offer a bit of color. Even though green grass is a sign of a healthy lawn, it might be more visually striking to break up that green with some color. Some tree types, like maples, can bring beautiful fall colors to your front door. Trees are also great for adding shade and privacy to your home. 

However, trees can also be dangerous in certain conditions. It is always important to consider the health of the plants in your yard. Sick and dying trees could fall over or lose limbs which could seriously damage people or property. Similarly, when trying to choose a plant for your front yard, try planting native plants. Native plants have a much better chance of surviving in your area’s climate. In summary, consider the types of plants you plant as this can have a huge effect on the safety and appearance of your front yard. 

Front of House Landscaping

Plants aren’t the only feature that can totally change the appearance of your front yard. Many other installations look great in front of houses. For example, walkways are attractive and practical. Homeowners have almost unlimited options when it comes to front yard walkways. They can be tailored to just about anyone’s preferences. Walkways can be thin or wide. They can be made of gravel, large stones, or poured concrete. They can be straight or curved and they can come in any color. They are a very versatile addition that can help your home cement its unique appearance. 

Even though many homeowners fail to consider it, mulch can affect the appearance of your home. It offers a visually interesting contrast to the expanse of green grass. Mulch can be anything that covers the soil. It can be organic, like pine straw or hay. It can also be inorganic like plastic materials or rocks. Because mulch is so versatile, it can also be any color or texture. How you use mulch is up to you. Gravel mulch is great for gravel gardens. Gravel gardens are ones that use gravel, making them much more resistant to overwatering and weeds. Mulch even protects your plants against cold weather and soil erosion.  

Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

Don’t worry if your front yard seems limited by its size. It’s only limited by what you choose to do with it. Professional landscapers are able to see the potential in any yard, even small ones. While small yards may mean you have to be more cautious with how you use your space, it doesn’t mean you don’t have options. 

If you’re worried about conserving space with your front yard, consider ways to create the appearance of a larger yard. While gardens are nice, too many plants in the front yard may make it feel cramped or small. A few plants here and there give the impression that there is plenty of space.

Similarly, the positioning of plants can affect the appearance of your yard. Placing landscaping features or plants in the center of your yard can make it appear smaller. The eyes will be drawn to the landscaping features regardless of where they are, so there is no need to place them right in the middle of the lawn. Including garden beds or other features along the edges of the lawn creates plenty of open space for the lawn, making it appear bigger. Keeping the open spaces of the lawn together also gives you plenty of room to use the lawn, set up furniture, or more. Breaking up the open space limits the amount of space you have to actually use your front lawn. 

When deciding how to use your lawn while maximizing space, consider what type of furniture or other features you include. For example, a fountain is pretty large and impractical when you’re worried about conserving space. A bench however is a very small, often lightweight piece of furniture that can help you make the most of your front yard. While yards are definitely beautiful to look at, adding furniture to your small yard gives you the chance to cozily sit outdoors. 

Arbeen Yard Landscaping

With Arbeen Landscaping, your front yard possibilities are endless. There’s no right way to design your front yard, but there are plenty of great ideas. Plants are amazing additions to front yards that want to look natural and lively. Colorful plants are especially great at breaking up monotonous yards. Some design ideas are practical, like trees that add shade or walkways through lawns. For homeowners with small yards, you can still have fun features. You just have to arrange them in a way that maximizes your space. For yards big or small, contact Arbeen Landscaping for help turning all of your landscaping ideas into reality. 

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